Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fiverr Christmas Gigs & Gift Ideas

I received an email from Fiverr that they are in full holiday mode, with lots of Christmas related gigs available now.  I browsed through them myself and found a few that I thought were worth highlighting.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

10 Custom Made Votive Candles

You get to select the scents: cherry blossom, amber musk, black raspberry vanilla, orange ginger, cotton blossom, apple, strawberry champagne, vanilla, milk chocolate, spiced cider, cinnamon pumpkin, frosty cocoa, pomegranate, gingerbread, sugar cookie, cinnamon, smoked applewood, jack frost (peppermint/vanilla), blueberry, cranberry, frasir fir (Christmas tree), and Christmas Cheer (apple/cinnamon).  They come in color that match the scent.

Custom Story About Your Child

There is also a gig where a writer will create you a custom 800 word story about your child that you can tell as a bedtime story.  Pretty neat.

Personalized, Custom Video From Santa

You can have Santa create a customized video for your child.  Perhaps they have not been behaving and you'd like to get them to do their chores.  Santa to the rescue! 

Christmas Makeover For Your Website Logo

But the one that was the most popular on that page, which was also the gig I ended up purchasing myself, was the one to give a Christmas makeover for your website logo.

And I REALLY like how mine turned out up at the top of the blog.  It was exactly what I was looking for and they actually delivered it in less than 4 hours. What do you think?

There are lots of other cool things, so definitely check out their main page for other fun, unique ideas!


Jen said...

Looks great!! So fun!

Unknown said...

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