Monday, June 30, 2014

Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra - Free Shipping

This is a quick update for anyone that utilizes Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra Litter, that I mentioned in this post previously and in my YouTube video here.

Amazon now offers the litter for the same price that you can get locally at places like PetSmart and it ships free for orders over $35 or free two day shipping for anyone with Amazon Prime!

That is an awesome deal, especially since the bag weighs 40 lbs.  That is a complete no brainer.  And if you are lucky enough to be in a state with no sales tax on Amazon purchases, it is an even better deal!

It is the #1 Best Selling product in Pet Supplies on Amazon for a reason.  That stuff works great.  There is hardly any litter dust (99.9% dust free), it is hypo-allergenic, the litter scoops very well and it does a great job of covering pet waste odor. 

Check out the other awesome reviews on Amazon and be sure to print out the rebate form to get your first purchase of Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra absolutely free.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Visit to the ATL

The wifey and I went up to Atlanta to visit the family last Thurs-Sunday and had a great time!

Uncle Chris Pileup!  Aww...
My sister Jen had a new baby girl, Colette (below) on June 7th and we used that as an excellent excuse to take a long weekend getaway.

Very alert for only 2 weeks old!
My sister Michelle and her husband James were also there with niece Hadley and doggie Maddie, so we got to see everyone all at one time, which is always fun!

We went out to dinner at our favorite Italian place close to them (Ippolito's) shortly after we arrived on Thursday evening.

During/after, but nothing the long sleeve bib can't handle!
We then stopped by the Splash park that just across the way...

Friday we did some playing outside and had a party with some more relatives Friday evening.

David mowed the lawn and Max always loves to "help" daddy mow the grass.

Saturday morning Michelle/James/Hadley and dog Maddie headed back home, luckily she had her new airplane toy we got her, cause she wasn't being a happy camper before that, from what we heard. 

Saturday afternoon the wifey and I headed to Chateau Elan Winery for a little mini-getaway within the larger getaway!

We had a gift certificate from our recent 10 year anniversary that the wifey's sister/brother-in-law got us and it was only 20 mins from where my sister lives.

That was a really great place.  We did a winery tour at 5pm with some sampling after, purchased a few bottles to take home and did dinner at their Irish Pub Restaurant and then played some pool and had some more wine in their lounge.

Then on Sunday, we headed back to Jens to hang for a bit more and I was left to watch Max solo for a bit and we had some outdoor water fun.  It might not be normal activity to let Max play on/in his water table with his pajamas on, but that's what fun Uncle Chris is for!  Check out the video at the bottom to see just how much fun he was having!

Be sure to check out the rest of the random pics and videos below. Good times!

Hanging with Hadley in the DSW shoe store
Hadley was doing a funny/weird close her eyes thing while eating
Always safety first!
Hadley contemplating life
Watching a movie on the iPad with GiGi
Colette excited to be hanging out solo with Uncle Chris!
Hadley and Max.  Max was playing with the new bubble leaf blower we got him.

Sorry on the small videos, I apparently don't know how to properly upload videos in a larger/zoomed in size on Blogger.  You can click the enlarge button to get a better view. 

Super Hero, Save the Day!

Being Silly While Eatin'

His laugh is just too funny!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome Colette Reese!

Our new little niece Colette Reese arrived into the outside world at 11:38pm on 
Saturday, June 7th, weighing in at 7lb 1oz and 20 1/2"!  She sure is adorable!
Can't wait to see some more pictures and see how Max likes his new baby sister!

So glad everyone is doing well and they got to come home today!
The hard part is over for Jen and I think it's just beginning for David.  :o)
You guys will do great.  Welcome Colette, can't wait to see you in person!
We are planning to head up there next week if everything lines up!

Here are some more pics from my sister Michelle's blog.

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