Friday, April 11, 2014

National Pet Day!

Geepers, who can keep up with all these new, made-up holidays?!  Today is National Pet Day!

In honor of this special day, here are a bunch o' pics of our 4 boys. 

Wookie is our all black, mischievous youngest guy at about 9 months old.   He loves to climb and is crazy like a kitten still at times. 

Buddy is his best friend, they snuggle up all the time and play.  Buddy is around 6-8 we believe.  But aside from that, Buddy is a bit of a Bully.  He picks on Monkey all the time and Sage as well.  He and Sage used to be close friends also, but lately Sage doesn't care for the bullying. 

Sage is our "fluffy" guy.  He is part Maine Coon and as such, he has lots of fur, but don't let the furryness kid ya though, he's solid also.  Like a little canon ball.  ;)  Sage is around 10 yrs old.

And Monkey is our oldest kitty.  He's 11 or 12.  He loves his "stair time".  Every morning before work he likes to be roughed up on the stairs and he gets all excited.  After he gets worked up a bit, he'll follow me to the door and grab my leg and doesn't want me to go to work.  It is his morning ritual.  And when I work from home on Fridays, usually he will come up and snuggle up on my lap for a bit.  Love Monkey lap time!  And he plays fetch as well. 

Here are a bunch more pics of them just being themselves...

They love to just watch the ocean waves/birds/people

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Siblings' Day!

In case you didn't know, today is apparently Siblings' Day!  My Mom texted us and told us to be nice to each other today, which we generally always do anyway.

I admit, I stole this collage from Michelle's FB page.

Some older pics in here.  Normally I wouldn't be wearing a cowboy hat, but peeps had been saying I look like Brad Paisley. The wifey and I were on vacation with Michelle and James in Riviera Maya, Mexico and one of the restaurants at the resort had a bunch of cowboy hats, so I had to try it out. Whatcha think?  In certain pictures I definitely see it. 

The cheerleading pic of Michelle and Jen was from their college days and the bottom pic was Michelle's wedding in Charleston, SC on 7/7/07.  The pic with the kiddos is more recent.

Good times, be sure to tell your siblings happy day!

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