Thursday, June 30, 2011


If anyone wants a Google + invite, leave me a comment and I will send you one.  It's supposed to be Google's version of something similar to Facebook but different and new...It's got a good amount of Buzz, so I will check it out and let you know about how I like it when I get a chance.  It's invite only right now and I just received my invite from a friend last night, so haven't had a chance to do much other than login. I watched the video at the link below and looks like it could be cool with features like putting people in a circle like 'work people' where you share certain things with them, vs maybe 'family' where you share other info, etc.  That is one place where Facebook is lacking in my opinion and that is a feature I've wanted, so I will definitely check it out. 

Here's some more info about Google+.

** UPDATE **  Invite capability has been disabled due to too high a demand.


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