Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apple - Badge of Shame?

This is a copy/paste from my buddy Tim's blog from about a week ago that got some interesting discussion.  I wanted to post it here to see what others think here as well.  I'll post an abbreviated version of the comment I had over there in the comments here to get things started.  Here is the meat of Tim's post:

The perception of Apple users

Apple users were seen as outsiders from the outset. Prior to being an Apple user, I was a steadfast PC user, and I had the impression that Apple users and fans were somewhat pompous and snobbish. There was always the impression that they exuded the vibe that they were “holier than thou.”

It’s been about 5 years now since I decided to ditch the Windows PC world for my personal computing and use Apple products exclusively. So, to officially state for the record, I’m an ‘Apple user.’
I’ll still agree with the fact that there are ‘some’ Apple users that try to evangelize that the Apple hardware/software platform and design is far superior than that the other computer and software companies currently offer. That is a matter of personal opinion. I’ll also admit that I often kid my peers that use non-Apple products when their products crash or perform in a manner that is not to their liking. That’s pretty much where I draw the line.

I have never said “Windows-based computers are horrible.” I’ve also never uttered the words “The Android phone platform is garbage,” or anything similar to that. My approach has always been to respect the decision of others to embrace and use platforms that work for them. Certainly, I may kid them, but in no way do I state that my choice to use Apple products is the best decision for everyone. I think Google is doing some great things in the mobile phone and tablet space. I’m an iPhone and iPad user, but once again, thats my personal choice, and I realize that may not be the preferred choice of others.

Since Apple is now regarded as an incredibly powerful personal and mobile computing hardware and software company, as well as a market leader in media sales, I’ve noticed an increase of backlash towards Apple users. When one talks about Apple users, it usually comes across as having a negative tone. Sometimes I feel like I am wearing a scarlet letter.

Do we really need to adopt the whole us vs. them mentality when it comes to the choice of our computing or mobile  platform? Apple saw some tremendous benefit from portraying ‘traditional’ PC users as corporate, stodgy, and antiquated when they ran their infamous Mac vs. PC ads. The adds were humorous, but perhaps did more to divide the two camps as opposed to join them. Apple has gained market share as a result of that advertising campaign, but I feel in retrospect that may have done more to fuel an increased distaste that many Windows and Linux PC users have towards Apple as a brand and its users.

We often get into Apple vs. Android discussions on our weekly podcast The TechMonks Podcast. On last Sunday’s episode : #30 – Google Comments the discussion got heated at times. Check it out.

If you are an Apple user, have you felt like those that used and supported the Windows / Linux technologies have expressed negativity towards you simply because you like or use Apple products? Likewise, if you are not an Apple user, have you experienced negativity from those that are Apple users?


Chris said...

I did agree with the post, that the 'us and them' mentality is alive and well and it's kinda fun amongst friends. I think I have a bit of a unique perspective as a PC user and Unix Administrator who uses an Droid X phone and whose first computer was an Apple IIe. I got the Apple IIe way back in the 1985-ish time frame. That was what I was used to from using computers in school and as a result, it wasn't too hard to convince my parents I had to have one. The next computer I had was an Atari 800XL, because it was cheap and several of my friends had them, so I was familiar with them. After that came a Packard Bell and all PCs from there on out.

Due to lags and other reboots and mysterious issues with our Android phones recently, we will be going iPhone 5 around the August time frame if it is available then.

It seems still that people are either Apple fan peeps or anti-Apple peeps. Amongst my circle of friends however, it seems that the iPhone 5 may be that bridge to converting some people over. Perhaps that will be the catalyst and we will all be able to get along once again? Time will tell.

Jen said...

Just because apple users are smarter than pc users for making the switch doesn't mean we should hate on one another lol jk. You will love iphones!

Chris said...

What would Dave Ramsey do? ;) I think PC users like to save a little bit of money, to pay them bills.

Mock family said...

But you end up saving money in the long run because your computer won't crap out :)

-team apple

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