Friday, June 1, 2012

Highly Recommended Gas Grill

My motivation for this post came from the following picture/post from a friend on Facebook...

"Somebody please steal this charcoal grill off my back deck so I can replace it with a gas grill that cooks more than one burger at a time! Follow the smoke signals!"  

That cracked me up, because I had a very bad experience with a small camping type charcoal grill back in college that resulted in the need for lots of lighter fluid, which resulted in lighter fluid flavored burgers and lighter fluid burps that night and into the next day!  

That is something that to this day I can still taste and I have never cooked with charcoal since.  I just don't see the need for all of that extra time, effort and additional cleanup necessary to get that supposedly authentic experience/taste.  No thanks.  If you want to cook me up a proper charcoal burger that doesn't taste like lighter fluid, great, it's just not a cooking medium I choose to use myself.  So I could relate very well to her post.  

That got me thinking, after 5 years we absolutely love our gas grill!  It is a Weber Spirit E-210 and I highly recommended she check that one out.  I believe it is the cheapest Weber gas grill out there and that was why we went with that one.  It has a 20% off savings and there is free shipping as well.  That is the propane tank version, you can also get the natural gas version if you have a line available at your home.  

We were tired of going through a new Charbroil grill every year due to the thing completely rusting out or having main parts break, but we didn't need a ton of high end features or add-ons and this one fit the bill perfectly.  

It is really an amazing grill that is 100% reliable, very well made and it stands up to the test of time.  After 5 years we haven't replaced a single part, it doesn't have any rust whatsoever and it starts up on the first press of the starter every time with that cool signature Weber flame.  
You could also accessorize with cool items like a Weber Gas Grill Rotiserrie, Weber all-purpose Kabob set, or Weber Spirit Premium Grill Cover.  Accessories are great gift ideas, especially with Fathers Day just around the corner. 

Even though the E-210 is one of their smaller grills, it is plenty big for the 2 of us and it could easily handle meals for a much larger family.  It also has the upper part that you can use to grill vegetables or keep items warm without overcooking them.  

It really has been the perfect grill for us and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.  We were thinking we might want one with a side burner or higher cost features, but I have to say there isn't anything additional we have wanted/needed.

The wifey is the cook around these parts and she has done some creative things with it, such as making pizza on the grill, cooking fish, doing grilled corn on the cob and other vegetables, kabobs and some other fun stuff.  I even managed to marinate and cook up some steak for her and of course we've cooked the regular chicken/burgers/hot dogs and the grill makes it look easy!  Everything cooks nice and even and the temperature of the grill can get very hot if you would like, but it's also very easy to keep track of since there is a thermometer right on the front of the grill. 

If you have a need for things like 3 burners instead of 2, a side burner or a higher surface area, by all means, go with a higher end Weber Genesis E-330 or the step up to the big dog Weber Summit S-670!  You'll definitely be the envy of your entire neighborhood with that last one!

It's funny, just last night Pat Flynn, from the Smart Passive Income blog, posted the below picture on Instagram of his new E-330.  So you will definitely be in good company!

I hope that helps anyone that might be in the market for a gas grill.  I can attest to the fact that you can't go wrong with a Weber!  Enjoy!


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