Thursday, November 8, 2012

iPhone 5 Car Mount and Car Charger

Over the weekend we went to the Apple, grabbed the last 2 new USB Lightning cables they had in stock for $19 each and purchased a very highly rated car charger.  That way we can charge our phones on the go as needed.  The charger is designed to work optimally with Apple devices to charge them quicker, but it does work fine for all types of phones.  It is a dual port 2 Amp charger that can simultaneously charge two devices at once if desired.  I've been using the charger for a few days and it works very well.

Additionally, I found an excellent car mount that will work on almost any vehicle with an in-dash CD player (sample picture shown to the left).  It works great with the iPhone 5 and will work with almost any cell phone or similarly sized device.  You can orient your phone in either portrait or landscape mode and can also angle it left or right.

The mount will not prevent you from utilizing your CD player and your CD player will not try and pull in the mount as if it were a CD.  However, if you do have CDs in there, don't hit the eject button with the mount connected.  Check out the video below to see how quickly/easily it attaches/detaches.  You could easily move it from one car to another if desired and I even bring it with me when traveling to use in the rental car and it has worked perfect every time. 

I took the bottom piece off as they show in the video, so that the charger port and headphone jack are more accessible and it works great, the wifey likes to leave the bottom piece on and that works fine as well. 

I'd highly recommend checking out the car charger and car mount for your iPhone 5, or any cell phone that you might have.  They are both very highly rated and work great.

And if you haven't gotten an iPhone 5 case or screen protectors yet, check out my prior post.  Those are excellent as well.

UPDATE (1/9/2013):  I just wanted to provide a quick update to say how great this charger and mount combo are.  Few things in this world work exactly how you would expect day in and day out, but these two items do just that.  Since I use the free traffic app Waze every day that I'm in the car, the car mount is essential.  And it is so quick and easy to remove and take with you and I did just that on a recent trip last weekend.  I took it out of my car and attached it in the rental car upon arrival in a matter of seconds each time and was on my way.  The mount is sturdy as can be, the charger works very quickly and also does not get super hot like others I have had in the past.  You can't go wrong with either item!


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