Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates and Kitty Pics

Well, I haven't had a whole lot to say lately, but some things have been going on behind the scenes.  After about 2 months of heavy uncertainty, I have a bit more stability in my job.  Rather than my contract potentially ending on 12/31, as of Monday I was picked up to remain where I am through an Indian outsourcing company that is taking over the majority of the contractor positions where I work. That is what I've been hoping for. I had also interviewed for and was offered another position locally last Friday, but remaining where I am is a much better deal for now. 

What that means longer term isn't clear, but I'd say worst case that buys at least 6 months worth of time to either figure out if I want to stay where I'm at or if it might be better to move on.  Pay is good, job should remain pretty much the same as it is now, I still keep my 2 telecommute days per week, etc.  So yay for that!

I made the Fantasy Football playoffs in both my work league and the Bills Backers of Jax league, so I've been spending a bunch of my spare time trying to pick up players off the waiver wire and strategizing on who to play!  If you happen to play and have an opinion on who I should put in my flex spot between Marcel Reece,  Montell Owens, Brandon Lloyd, David Wilson, and Kendall Wright, please drop me a comment!  I'm having a very hard time deciding who to put in for that last spot on my roster!

My sisters Jen and Michelle both close on their new homes in the next week or two, which is great news!  Jen has been waiting months and months to complete their short sale purchase and the end is finally near.  I'm hoping their luck rubs off on us.  We had received a good offer on our house the day after it was listed and it was sent on to the bank about a month ago, so we're hoping for a positive outcome soon and expecting that to be complete within the next month or two.  Can't wait for that to be done!

Update: As of 1pm today, the offer was approved by the bank.  Now the buyer just has to do their inspection and we can set a closing date.  Woot!

The holidays are fast approaching and we've been enjoying a lot of time out with friends lately.  Holiday parties are about a week away and then it's almost Santa time!  Whew, I guess I better get shopping, this is coming up way too fast.  Unfortunately, this year I'm on-call for work the week of Xmas, so I won't be doing any traveling or pretty much anything at all Xmas week.  I would really like to see Max, Hadley and the rest of the family, but that will have to wait.  We'll be sure to do some video chat hangouts!

Other than that, we're happy to say our newest kitty is becoming a bit snuggly!  We were thinking he would be a great lap cat when he picked me over the summer, but that didn't happen initially.  Lately however, he has snuggled several times with both of us and we're hoping that will continue.

I'll leave you with a bunch of recent pictures of the boys.  We just got them a big kitty condo for Xmas, mostly so Monkey has a place to hide from Buddy the newest guy, but you'll see that didn't work so well.

Yes I'm one of those people that posts pictures of their pets as if they are our children, cause they are.  I love to see pictures of my niece and nephew and I like pictures of pets as well, so here they are!

Poker and Buddy ready for turkey time
Monkey and Buddy exploring the new kitty condo
Went in 15 mins later and Poker was sleeping in there!  They love it. 

As I mentioned, the main reason I got the kitty condo in the first place was because Buddy terrorizes Monkey real bad.  He hardly gets any time to relax.  If Buddy is awake, chances are he is cornering Monkey or trying to attack him.  So I wanted to give Monkey the ability to go up high and escape.  Well, in the picture above Buddy is above Monkey and repeatedly wacking him on the head.  We'll need to work on making that a little escape for Monkey and not just another place to get attacked.  :P

Buddy loves to snuggle anytime we lay on the spare bedroom bed
Evidence of Buddy snuggling again
Sage and Buddy hanging together by the Xmas tree


Jen said...

I love the updates. I hope you hear good news on the house front soon. Congrats on the pick up for the job. Your boys are just adorable. We will def. miss you guys at Christmas this year.

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