Friday, June 21, 2013

Best Earbud Covers

As I was sticking my earbuds in my ears for a quick walk this morning, I remembered I wanted to write a post on how great the new earbud covers are.

A month or two ago, the earbud covers on my Sony MDRE828LP earbuds started to come off.  So I went on a quest to research earbud covers to replace them.  In my typical "research things to death" fashion, I read a ton of reviews. 

A lot of the ones out there have bad reviews.  Either the foam replacements are too tight to get on your earbuds without destroying them or you will spend half your day trying to get them on, or they are just too thin and rip.

That is definitely not the case for the ones that I purchased that are shown above.  They look gray in the picture, but they're actually black as you can see below.  These earbud covers are great!  They went right on in less a minute and one huge additional bonus was that I tried a set on my iPhone 5 headphones and surprisingly, they fit those as well!  So they work well as iPhone headphone covers as well. 

Prior to getting the foam covers on my iPhone 5 headphones, they would ALWAYS fall out of one of my ears.  It was so annoying that I couldn't use them if I was going to be moving around at all.  With the foam covers on them, they don't fall out at all and I love being able to utilize them for the built-in microphone and volume/pause buttons on the cord.

Quick funny story, the day that I received the earbud covers, I went to put them on the Sony earbuds and one of our cats had apparently chewed through the cord overnight!  Seriously?!  I've had those headphones for years and I'm about to breathe new life into them with some nice cushy new foam covers and you pick that day to eat through the cord?!  I had to laugh.

What is also funny is on one of the reviews for the foam covers that I read, someone mentioned how to avoid having a cat eat through your cords.  The suggestion was to put a drop or two of dish washing soap on your fingers and run it down the full length of the cord.  I did that on any headphone cords that were handy and so far so good.

If you're looking to replace warn or just plain dirty earbud covers, you can't go wrong with these.  


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