Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights From Christmas in Atlanta

The wifey and I stayed at my sister's place in Atlanta for the Christmas holiday.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and headed back the Thursday after Christmas.

We didn't have a whole lot planned while we were there, we were just looking forward to hanging out and spending time with our niece Hadley and nephew Max and the rest of the human and fury crew.

We did end up spending an afternoon/evening at Stone Mountain checking out their Christmas festivities, which included a sing-along-ride on an actual train that circles the mountain, saw a little play/show for the kids and got to check out the Polar Express 4D Adventure.

That was pretty cool, it was a 3D showing of some cool parts of the movie complete with fake snow failing in the theater along with wind, shaking seats and some squirts of water as well.

I'd say the highlight for the kids was definitely the sing-along-train ride.  Max really liked riding on the train, as he is really into them right now and Hadley seemed to be quite excited as well!

Max singing along on the train

Hadley having fun on the train!

We also went to Bass Pro Shop to try and get Hadley's Christmas picture taken with Santa. It was one of the few places that offers a free photo, but as a result there was quite a wait and it was a weird setup.

You have to go earlier in the day to get a card that has a time slot so that you can come back and get in line later. And in order to get a specific time slot you want, you might have to wait around a bit.

Checking out the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop

So we hung out there for a little bit, took Max on a free ride on the Merry Go Round and then checked out the fish tank and Michelle/James headed back later for the terrified child pic with Santa.

Hadley "enjoying" some quality time with Santa

Here are a bunch of other fun pictures from the visit...

Awesome huge Xmas tree they got for free on the side of the road last year

Just hanging outside in his jammies

Hi Hadley!

Loved the car cart at Kroger initially...

But he got a little antsy and we added a few friends to the cart

Hadley wearing Molly the dog's scarf thing

Trying out his Xmas jammies and hat


Maddie chillin with Molly's toy

Bella in her new scratching house, or is it Grumpy cat?


Christmas morning fun, lots of striped jammies!

Jen made Gma's sauce and Marla made the meatballs...mmm!

Happy boy!

And our new Xmas tune/video for the year was Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey! Something the wifey saw on Facebook somewhere and the kid loved it and we couldn't stop playing it. The only problem is that it stays in your head and I'm still singing it a week later and wifey wants to strangle me now!

Hee haw, hee haw, it's Dominick the Donkey!  

My sister Jen made an announcement on Xmas as well. We already knew, but still great news!

It was great to see everyone and we had a good time!  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas as well and since it's New Years Eve, I would like to also wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014!!  Let's make it the best year ever!


Jen said...

Great pics! Happy New Year!

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