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Therabreath Review - Best Mouthwash


TheraBreath vs Smart Mouth vs ProFresh

During the past 3 months, I tried TheraBreath, SmartMouth and ProFresh, each for a month at a time and I'm happy to present the results for you here today. 

If you aren't sure if you have bad breath or not, I've got a quick way for you to find out. Lick the back of your hand and let it dry for several seconds then sniff it. Seriously, do it right now, it really works.

I had never heard that before, of course we all try holding our hand in front of our mouth, but that does not always work.

Good News, Bad News

If you've suffered from bad breath for any length of time, there is some good news and some bad news when it comes to these types of products.

First the bad news, despite what you might read, there is no product out there that will cure bad breath for an entire 24 hours, just by using it once a day.  Ain't gonna happen in my experience.

However, the good news is that there are products out there that will absolutely get rid of your bad breath better than ever before and if used as directed, can actually get rid of your bad breath for almost 24 hours.

Another piece of good news is that it really only takes less than 2 minutes to follow the proper steps to eliminate your bad breath. It is not a time consuming process, but you really need to follow the steps and do so every day to achieve consistent success.

I utilized each product for 1 month to be sure I was following the manufacturer recommended length of time to allow the product to work properly.

Smart Mouth Review

 Smart Mouth

Based on customer reviews, I had high expectations for Smart Mouth, but I was aware of the caveats as well. This one either appears to work great, or for anyone sensitive to Zinc, it is not a good choice.

Smart Mouth has a patented zinc-ion technology, different from the other two products. It comes with 2 liquid pumps, which you combine to active when you rinse.

Unfortunately, I had issues similar to some of the negative reviews online, but not as severe as some. Basically, I had a very metallic taste whenever I utilized the product and it altered the taste of everything I consumed shortly afterwards.

Despite the very bad taste, I did stick it out for an entire month, since they did say in the product materials that it might take two weeks for your body to adjust.

During that time, it did work well, but honestly, it was very difficult to get any sort of useful results due to my negative reaction to the zinc.  

Unfortunately, even after a month I was still unable to tolerate the metallic taste and the way flavors of food and drink were just not the same.

However, since everyone is different, SmartMouth may be a good choice for you.  This one is probably either great if you don't get the same reaction, or one you'll need to pass on.

ProFresh Review


ProFresh and I go way back. I first tried this product over 7 years ago and it worked really well for me at the time.

As others mention in the reviews, ProFresh does have a slight odor similar to chlorine, but it is not overpowering and it does not taste bad.

The full starter pack is the way to go with this one. It comes with 3 bottles of solution, several packs of the activating agent, that you combine with the solution 1 time when you first open it, a tongue scrapper and a travel size sprayer for when you are on the go.

The product works very well. It is still the same formula that I utilized several years back and it still works as advertised. You scrape your tongue, brush, then gargle/swish around the solution for a minute or two and you're good. Then throughout the day you can bring your travel size sprayer to spray the back of your tongue to stay fresh all day long.

TheraBreath Review


TheraBreath was the winner for me.

It has a slight minty taste / smell, but it is not overpowering by any means. It is similar to ProFresh in that you utilize a tongue scrapper and then brush, but for this product, the recommendation is to utilize the TheraBreath toothpaste.

This is not just so they can make more $ in my opinion. It is a very different, gel kinda toothpaste that on the surface looks a little pricey, but it lasts quite a while and it definitely helps.

You utilize a drop of the gel and use it to brush your teeth as well as your entire mouth. Then you rinse with the solution and you're good.  They say very clearly that you should not rinse with normal tap water or it will negate the effects of the product. After about 3-5 minutes you can drink water or have other food or liquids as normal.

It really does a great job and it lasted the longest for me. It would last right through to lunch and only when I ate something strong like Mexican or spicy foods, did I feel that I probably needed a refresher.

What I would do, is utilize this as directed and then bring a small travel size container to use as a rinse for after lunch and you would be good to go all day.

TheraBreath - 2 bottle discount.


I hope this detailed breakdown helped present a few different options to you and if you do try any of the products that I mentioned here, I hope you eliminate your bad breath as well!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks and best wishes for eliminating your bad breath for good!!

Some of the links above may be affiliate links.  If you decide to make a purchase, I would receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I used smart mouth before but I like therabreath. Therabreath has nose drops that help too.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your reviews here. I was torn between Profresh and Therabreath after hours of research on the two products. I was hoping on finding a push in the right direction on which I should order and try first. Thank you again for your time in sharing your experiences!

Chris said...

You are welcome. Glad to assist!

Anonymous said...

I just started using TheraBreath yesterday and the taste in my mouth is awful. Will this go away?? It sounds like what you experienced with the other product.

Chris said...

Hey there. I did not experience that with TheraBreath, but it sounds like that may be a normal reaction for some. Here is what it says on their site below, hope that helps:

"*** If a Sour, Bitter, or Salty Taste Persists: In some cases, a difference in taste may occur for the first few days after starting the products. THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY. It's due to the oxidation of metals in existing dental restorations and the new sensitivity of your new clean taste buds. To overcome this taste, apply baking soda to your toothbrush before placing the toothgel on it. This counteracts any acidity you may have in your mouth."

Mel said...

wOW, thanks so much! Great info!

I'm wondering if you didn't have some type of reaction to zinc would smart mouth be in the top running...hmm

Chris said...

Hey Mel, probably yes. I'd have to say based on all the positive reviews for all 3, if you don't have an issue with Zinc, it would probably work great as well. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me whether it works for chronic bad breath??

Chris said...

It does, but I recommend the new extra strength version and like I mentioned, nothing will last 24 hours. You will have to use a few times, like in the morning, after any meals and before bed. But it does work well.

Annmarie said...

I haven't tried the paste yet only the rinse and lozenges. I do have a metallic taste in my mouth. It's mostly bad wen I drink water. I can't really tell with food. Is the baking Soda trick the same for the rinse symptoms?

Chris said...

Hi Annmarie. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the baking soda trick. What exactly is that?

Anonymous said...

Do i have to use them all my life or they are the cure or halitosis

Chris said...

You have to continue to take them, for it to work. There really isn’t anything that you can do one time and be cured.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for your review I had a hard time choosing between therabreath and profresh because of the re iews online, how I will definitely try both, my bad breath is cause from sinus and I spend alot of monet trying to get it better however it goes and comes and now it's worst than ever

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