Monday, June 30, 2014

Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra - Free Shipping

This is a quick update for anyone that utilizes Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra Litter, that I mentioned in this post previously and in my YouTube video here.

Amazon now offers the litter for the same price that you can get locally at places like PetSmart and it ships free for orders over $35 or free two day shipping for anyone with Amazon Prime!

That is an awesome deal, especially since the bag weighs 40 lbs.  That is a complete no brainer.  And if you are lucky enough to be in a state with no sales tax on Amazon purchases, it is an even better deal!

It is the #1 Best Selling product in Pet Supplies on Amazon for a reason.  That stuff works great.  There is hardly any litter dust (99.9% dust free), it is hypo-allergenic, the litter scoops very well and it does a great job of covering pet waste odor. 

Check out the other awesome reviews on Amazon and be sure to print out the rebate form to get your first purchase of Dr Elsey Precious Cat Ultra absolutely free.



Mock family said...

We still use it! But I just went to petsmart the other day and bought it

Chris said...

No need to now! You can have it delivered to your front door for the same price (or cheaper if you don't have sales tax through Amazon). :o)

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