Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Max!

Today is my nephew Max's 3rd Bday!

Here are past Bday posts from the year 1 party & year 2 
 First visit of the Buddo to our place.

Max wasn't too excited about the sand.

But he sure did love his car!

At 2 he added a motorcycle!

At 3 he has his own convertible!

Happy Birthday Max!  Miss ya buddy!  

We'll talk to you later for presents!


Jen said...

He looks so blonde! What a little cutie pie. He does love his bikes, cars, trucks and superheros. Max loved all the presents. He brought them up to his room last night and into mine this morning to play. He's been spiderman web shooting us all morning. He aims it at Colette when she tries to take his cape off.

Chris said...

Aww, fun! Glad he likes them! :o)

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