Monday, March 7, 2016

Fort Clinch State Park

I just realized the last update on the site is July.  Whew, been a while.  No real reason, but the important part is returning right?!  What is everyone up to?

I was looking at some pictures on my PC and realized I haven't taken any off my phone since my last post here, so maybe that is part of the reason for the hiatus.

I'm copying the over 2,000+ pictures since July over to my PC and the first ones are from our quick trip up to Fort Clinch State Park, a really cool place to check out.

It was fun to explore the old fort and explore the area on our own.  Here a couple of pics from that day.  It is a pretty big park, that also has a mile long pier (well 1/2 mile each way), that we went to the end of as well.  Definitely worth a visit if you're in the North East Florida area.


Unknown said...

I hear ya! Far too long between my udpates as well. Nice to hear from you! :)

Chris said...

Thanks! Agreed. Hoping to do updates a bit more often. Good to hear from you as well. Hope all is well!

Jen said...

Welcome back!! Same here, gotta get back into it. Lots of pics to upload!

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