Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dead Rising 4 - Pre-Order Bonuses

The latest instalment of the fantastically awesome Dead Rising franchise, Dead Rising 4 will be released on Dec 6th, 2016.

Console wise, Dead Rising 4 is an Xbox exclusive title and the original Dead Rising 3 was the reason I bought my Xbox One in the first place.

I'm a big fan of the Zombie genre and the Dead Rising series is a real blast to play.  The weapons are insanely over the top and the game is a great mix of fun, humor and of course bloody zombie guts.

What I also liked about 3, is that it was just the right level of difficulty.  It was a challenge, but nothing you can't overcome with a few attempts.

If you pre-order Dead Rising 4, there are currently 4 different pre-order bonuses, depending on where you make your purchase.

Best Buy is providing a code that gives you the Candy Cane Crossbow DLC, to blast Zombies with the sweet goodness of candy canes.

GameStop will be providing the Steampunk Snowman Head DLC, that shoots snowballs and freezes enemy Zombies.

Microsoft will provide the X-Fists DLC content, which will require you to be equipped in an Exo suit, which provides a temporary boost. 

Amazon will provide the Zombie Slice Cycle DLC.  With this destructo-cycle, you can slice and dice your way through hordes of Zombies on the street with great power and speed. 


The added bonus for Amazon Prime customers is that if you pre-order Dead Rising 4, you'll not only get the Slice Cycle, but you'll also get 20% off.

The game will be $59.96 at launch, but if you pre-order as an Amazon Prime customer, you would get it for only $47.99. 

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30 Day Trial to get this special price.  That is a great offer and you can get your Xmas shopping done with free 2 day shipping on everything as well.

I've already pre-ordered via Amazon and can't wait!  ZOMBIES!

Images Courtesy: Xbox News Wire


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