Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday Individual Item Finder

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, based on a question/comment from my sister and fellow blogger Jen, I wanted to include some more info on where you can search for specific items or browse through categories of items for Black Friday. 

Fat Wallet's Deal Finder - This is a great spot where you can search for an exact item by name, browse a category of items such as TVs and then a subcategory like LCD TV or even just browse popular items.

For example, Jen asked about 32" TVs and Digital cameras.  I'll do a walk-through on how to check for those two items...

Go to the deal search link, click on Category, click on TVs in the top left and if you wanted to you could further limit it to a sub-category on the bottom left, by picking LCD TVs or just leave it at all TVs.  Then you can type in 32" in the 'search items' box and hit enter and you will have a list of most of the Black Friday deals on 32" TVs.   

Based on the results, it looks like a lot of places are discounting a Samsung 32" LCD for around $50 off to right around $279.  It's funny, the companies must have an idea of what their competitors are going to price items at, because BJs has it for $279.99, Sams Club $278 and Best Buy, $277.99.  Based on all of the reviews on Best Buy, with the exception of one bad one, it seems like a pretty good deal/TV.

For Cameras, I'd pick Camera and Video in the upper left, Camera on the lower left and then either just browse through what is there, or if you want to limit things down you can by a term in the search box.

We researched high end Point and Shoot and DSLR cameras a few years ago and went with the Canon SX10IS instead of the full DSLR.  I figured unless you were a professional, getting $ for your photos as a side business, there is really no need to pay the additional expense and the additional hassle/weight of lugging around your extra lenses in an oversized case.  I figured that additional hassle would be a deterent to actually bringing a camera along most places and we're happy we made the decision we did.  If we were to purchase a new camera right now, it would probably be the latest version of the one we have, which is the Canon SX30IS.  That takes the optical zoom from 20x on ours to 35x.  The wifey still loves the camera and the optical zoom is the most important factor since all cameras these days have plenty of megapixels.  

If you just want to browse a bit and see what other people are interested in, click on the 'Popular Items' to browse the list.  Happy Hunting!


Jen said...

Great tips! Thanks for making it easy for me.

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