Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!


Today is Cyber Monday!  Most websites have their Cyber Monday deals on their main websites this AM.  Keep an eye out on the Hot Deals Forum, that's where people will generally post the best deals as they find them, but mostly for electronics. 

Best Buy apparently went live Sunday with Cyber Monday deals that are good Sunday and Monday.  A friend at work that has been watching for deals on 10" tablets, just as I have, got a 10" 8GB Acer Iconia tablet for $229 Sunday morning.  We were driving home from our long weekend getaway at the time (more to come on that later this week) and by the time I noticed the text they were sold out.  It is a very good deal, around the same as Best Buy's Black Friday deal for the Asus Transformer 16GB 10" tablet for $249.

Unfortunately, the Asus Transformer deal was a Best Buy door buster/in person only deal and you needed to be in line around 10pm to get a ticket for the item to be able to purchase one when the store opened at midnight.  Due to the large number of people in line when we drove by the St Pete, FL location around 4pm, we figured we didn't stand a chance, since stores were only guaranteed to have 10 in stock for sure.  There were about 40-50 people already in line at 4pm!  It appears they did not initially sell out right away, as a few stores showed in store availability on their site first thing in the AM when I got up on Friday, but within 30 minutes they were gone just about everywhere.  So we probably could have gotten that deal somewhere between midnight-4am, but who knows for sure.

Once I saw those were gone, I started checking out the forums and saw that GameStop stores had a limited quantity available in some stores for $299 as part of their holiday sale.  That was still $100 off the regular price of $399, so we thought we'd give it a shot.  We used our phones to find a few GameStop locations and the first location in a mall did not stock tablets, but they said another location close by did and they had a few left.  We ended up picking up 2 of them.  I was not 100% sure that was what I wanted for Xmas just yet, as I wanted to see what Cyber Monday or other Holiday deals came out first.  I asked what their return policy was and as long as it is unopened, I could return it with a receipt up until January 15th.  I knew the wifey would be keeping hers, so I would have until Jan 15th to check hers out fully and would still be able to shop the deals to see if something better comes out, if not I would keep what I had.  Win/win!

So far I am really impressed with the Asus Transformer tablet and the graphics are really quite impressive on a few games that came bundled with the unit!  I was considering possibly exploring some of the PS3/Xbox deals instead, but in reality I don't ever play with the Wii I have, so I wouldn't be likely to dedicate a bunch of time/$ towards games and what not, Xbox/PS3 online accounts, etc.  But I do play games on my phone a bunch, since they take far less time and are free for the most part, so the 10" tablet really is appealing to me more and more.  This particular one has an optional keyboard dock that is very cool.  The keyboard/dock was $99 on Black Friday, it's currently $112 on Amazon, but I expect other places will have that for $99 again.

UPDATE:  Brandsmart USA has the Asus Transformer tablet for $299 if you missed out previously.  Also GameStop has none available online, but I found an inventory tracker online where you can check to see if your store has them locally. 

An item my sister Jen is looking for are 32" TVs.  I noticed Best Buy currently has a Samsung 32" LCD TV for $277.99 and if you purchase it online and select in-store pickup, you get a $10 e-gift certificate emailed to you in 2-4 days after pickup.  Seems like a pretty good deal.  Not sure if it's the BEST deal out there for today, but might be worth a shot if it's still available at the time you are reading this.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!  Drop me a comment or email to if you see any great 10" tablet deals on Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy or Acer Iconia tablets.  I'm looking in the $249 or under range to make it worth my while to return what I have.  Thanks and happy hunting!


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