Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitty Xanax!

We have a kitty named Sage that is naughty at times.  How can that be when he looks so calm and relaxed above?!  ;)  I found him as a tiny kitten on a sidewalk driving home from work one Sunday morning and he was very playful and about to jump into the road.  I grabbed him and saved his little kitty life.  He was a very fun loving, normal acting kitten, but would leave little poop nuggets in the room we kept him in initially.  Once we got him litter trained he was relatively good, but things like strangers visiting would usually cause him to hide and we might find further surprises afterwards. 

Monkey checking out tiny!

Fast forward a few years later into our current home and we weren't aware that he was having issues, but we had a lot going on.  We had moved into our current home, had a bunch of repairs and workers coming in over several months and also, we had several stray cats that would come out at night and wander around outside.

We would see him stare outside through our sliding glass door at night and then he would all of a sudden sprint from one room to another and try and look out the windows in those rooms, but we didn't know what he saw.  Eventually we saw the cats/kittens outside during the day and put 2 and 2 together and realized he was probably either scared or territorial towards the other cats and acting out.

He also did not like anything with a dog smell on it.  I brought an old computer that a co-worker gave me for parts into the house to take something out of it and Sage went right over to it and pee'd right on it.  He had 2 dogs.  

We purchased a hand held black light spot checker / Urine Off and we found/cleaned a spot or two and both the black light and product worked very well!  I'd definitely recommend it if you suspect you might have a spot or two from a pet accident, the black light will definitely bring it to light and the cleaner will take care of it.

That is an essential product in any pet owner's arsenal!  They have the same product for cleaning dog urine as well.  You can start with those smaller sizes I linked to initially, but assuming you find it works or if you know you have a problem, you can go with the larger sizes for cats and dogs and save some $.

Recently, we've had guests stay over and after about 30 minutes, he comes out and is his normal self.  No surprises.  Door bells and strange voices like the UPS guy usually send him scurrying to find a place to hide, but usually only for a few minutes and no other issues.  

However, when we leave town and the pet sitter comes over, all bets are off.  We find that he does not like the pet sitter at all.  We suspect it is due to her bringing all of the smells from other animals she pet sits for into the house and it sets him off.

Generally once we're home he's fine, but he may go into the litter box multiple times in a row for a few days, sometimes up to 10 times in like 15-20 minutes.

He isn't blocked at all, because we've been through that before with another cat and know what that's like, it's just a matter of him being very stressed and it causes him temporary problems.  After a few days, it's like nothing ever happened and he's back to his normal self and life goes on. 

I saw this post for Xanax to the Rescue on the side of my sister Jen's blog from her friend Leah and thought this might be exactly what we need!  It was right after we got back and I was trying to research other potential options like trying a new pet sitter, or other means to try and fix him up and thought maybe that was a sign!

We took him to the vet Saturday for his annual checkup and they said all is well and his blood work is all good, so they said it does sound like stress/behavioral only and they prescribed him generic Xanax to try and fix him up.  We will be starting him out on that tonight or tomorrow and we're hoping it is a miracle drug that helps calm him down and make us all much happier!  If not, we may need a few prescriptions ourselves!

I'll keep you updated on his progress!  Wish Sage and us good luck and if you're experiencing a similar issue, we feel your pain and would love to hear about anything that has helped you out as well!

Sorry, I don't mean to be bad, I just have anxiety issues!  :o)

If you happen to be a human being and are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, be sure to check out this linden method reviews site. It is a great site/program for eliminating anxiety and panic attacks, without the use of medications or expensive therapies.  Too bad something similar won't work for cats! 


Jen said...

Look at that little kitten picture of Sage! So cute. I am interested to see if it works for you. Seems like it is definitely anxiety issues.

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