Monday, December 5, 2011

Travel Website

I mentioned on Friday that I got an idea from our little getaway over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I check my Google Analytic stats for my blog every couple days to see what pages are most popular and consistently my post for Vacation - Majestic Elegance Punta Cana is always at the top.  It's the most popular post overall as well, with over 600 page views.  In addition, I've been posting about our recent trip over the Thanksgiving holiday to Treasure Island FL and did a bunch of research prior to our trip recently as well.  We've also had great luck with Apple Vacations recently and they currently have some great deals!  All of that got me thinking that I should look into creating a separate travel related website.

I could share information about all of our past travels, try and provide some insider tips and off the beaten path advice on places to visit, etc.  Basically I'd try and create a web site where people searching on a particular location would find my page, get advice on what to do/see and I would also offer links which would hopefully be helpful to visitors such as links to book a place to stay, links to supplies for their trips and could even provide a free ebook of travel tips or something.  Basically, it would be a website to post a lot of travel related content, something my wife and I really enjoy researching and posting about already and I could turn it into a revenue generating site as well through targeted ads, affiliate links and things of that nature.

I'm just starting to brain storm ideas, but I'd really appreciate any advice for topics/ideas and even an overall website name/URL.  I'm thinking it should probably contain the word travel in the URL, since I think that would help to automatically bring in traffic when people search on the term travel.  If you have any good info on Search Engine Optimization and URLs and stuff, let me know.  I'll be doing research on web hosting companies to find an inexpensive, reliable place to store the website data and if you have any suggestions on that as well, that would be great.

The site will be a website of static content that will expand over time the more places we go, so really it will motivate us to take more trips, which will provide more content and more links to generate $, which would motivate us to take more trips, you get the idea.  It should take on a life of it's own over time and eventually it could be a passive stream of income.  I envision my wife also taking part in the project and providing a good deal of the content/review/pictures and being able to publish that content as well. 

Either leave me a comment or drop me an email (chris "at"  Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!

2/3/2012 Update:  Check out my new Travel related site It is a work-in-progress, but I'd love to have you stop by and offer advice/suggestions on what you'd like to see!


Jen said...

I was thinking along the lines of travel guru (already taken) or or I get a cut if you choose any of mine :) and I'm available for assignments and research articles.

Holidays to Thailand said...

That hammock looks inviting. How I wish I could plan my next trip soon. All this stress at work is exhausting me.

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