Friday, January 4, 2013

Paying it Forward - More Examples

So far I'm super excited about the 2013 Year of Kindness for a few reasons.  For one, it feels good to focus more on being kind and potentially making someone's day.  The second reason is seeing all of you out there doing your own acts of kindness and watching things snowball!

I really enjoy seeing the reports and I think others really do also and it really does inspire others to do more.  For that reason, here is the report from Jen S from her Pay It Forward trip across the country for the holidays.  Jen and her husband Bob decided to forgo their own Xmas gifts to Pay It Forward along the way for their long drive across the country for the holidays.  Great job guys, truly an inspiration!

Also be sure to sure to like our Facebook page to receive updates on individual acts as they occur or are emailed to me.  Keep em coming by either posting them yourself or email me to chris"@" and I can either include your name or just post the act of kindness anonymously.  Thanks and let's keep it rolling, great job everyone!

Pay It Forward Cross Country Trip by Jen S

To condense, here is what we did, and I can't remember which state each recipent was in. I put gift cards inside greeting cards and wrote in each one "Hi random stranger! We just wanted to spread some cheer to folks we don't even know. Merry Christmas to you and yours!"
  • 15 gift card to Burger King to a Navy officer in uniform. He held the door open for me, I handed him the card and thanked him for his service. He politely said "Thank you, Ma'am" and I bolted before he opened the card.
  • $10 Target gift card to a woman as she was walking into a Target store.
  • $15 gift card to McDonalds to an elderly couple sharing coffee at McDonald's. Also, 2 other $10 McDonald's gift cards that I handed to 2 men standing in line waiting to order.
  • $15 Wendy's gift card to a younger couple with a little girl, approximately 4 years old.
  • We give out the gift cards and cash right before we head out the door so we never look back to see reactions but I hope the cards made folks happy.


Jen said...

Very cool examples. Fun to see.

Puisi Cinta said...

Great post thank youu

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