Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Visit With Max!

I was very glad that I had to travel to Atlanta for work right after the holidays because I got to see Max!  And of course Jen, David, Mom, MOLLY and their new home as well!  Just realized I didn't bring a house warming gift, sorry about that...I guess painting Max's closet will have to count.  I was all focused on seeing Max! 

Max is in that fun stage where he's very curious, exploring everything and learning.  And he likes to dance as well, as you'll see in the video at the bottom!  He really shakes his booty!

Max loves to make faces as you can see.  Fish lips!
We got to play a lot with his new toys and the musical table toy that we got him is really amazing.  I would says it is a definite must have item for a child around 10-16 months of age. That thing has so many different variations and sounds/music and he really loves it.  He pulls himself right up and hits all the buttons and starts dancing.

He also enjoys his push car buggy.  He loves to be pushed around and as soon as you strap him in he puts his hands on the wheel and even make noises like either a vroooom or a monster grrr noise, not exactly sure which, but he has a good time.  Thanks to Jen for suggesting those as possible gifts, great choices!

Here are some of the best pictures/video from the trip.  Hope to see him again soon as well as our little niece Hadley!

Such a happy boy, ready for a ride in the push buggy!
He loves Molly and she is so good with him!
He's got his own remote control
Fun in the tunnel!
Max helping me replace the batteries.
Disco Fever!

Max crawling

Max and Molly

Fun in the tunnel

Dancing Max

Thank you and goodnight!!!!  :o)


Jen S said...

The dancing is too cute!

Jen said...

haha so funny. Some great photos and video. He loved playing with you and says to come back soon. Your painting the closet is def. the best housewarming gift so no worries there!

Mock family said...

I LOLed at those videos, too funny!
i saw this post a while ago but the videos wouldn't work on my phone so found ya again via jen's blog today

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