Friday, February 15, 2013

Acts of Kindness Update and Random Stuff

Blog Visual Fix
You might not have even noticed, but I apologize for an unacceptable visual snafu that has been on my main page since I converted over to my existing layout quite some time ago.  For the current blog posts that show on my main page, the beginning text of each blog post wrapped around a set of share buttons and it was visually unappealing.  I didn't give a whole lot of thought to it, I just figured it was an issue with the template.

The other day I said to myself, "self, why the heck haven't you tried to fix that?!"  I also noticed that none of the share buttons worked anyway, so not only did it not look good it wasn't functional either.  That is truly unacceptable.  So I manually removed the share buttons at the beginning of each post, which fixed the text issue and I added a Facebook like button to the end of each post.  Problem solved! 

Max's 1st Birthday Party
We're super excited to be heading to see our nephew Max, niece Hadley and the rest of the gang at Max's 1st Birthday party!  Luckily everything fell into place and we are really looking forward to it!

Acts of Kindness Update
I've been slacking on the acts of kindness, so when the opportunity presented itself the other night we took it!  I've always wanted to leave a big tip like $50 or $100+, but being relatively frugal it never seemed like the right time.

However, we said that once we sell the house, the $200 we get from the buyer for some household items would be utilized for the year of kindness, so since we got that $ last week it was time!  Specifically I wanted to at least leave 1 big tip and see how it felt.  We had gone to dinner at Bonefish Grill and we said if it feels right, we will go for it.  Our server Jarrod was friendly, personable, knowledgeable and very attentive so it all lined up. Given the relatively high bill, it's not an amazingly huge tip, but it was a start and still fun! 

That was inspired by something I had read online last summer called Aaron's Wish.  It was about a young guy Aaron that passed away way too early and in his will he asked his friends/family to go to a restaurant and give the server a $500 tip.  They recorded a video of the event and it was super fun and emotional to watch.  

When the video was posted online it went viral and people wanted to donate so that that his friends and family could do more $500 tips in Aaron's name and apparently they're on a tour around the country right now to keep it going!  They're recording video of each $500 tip and it's very fun to see.  How cool...they are not anonymous or random act of kindness, but like I said before, any act of kindness is great, whether random or not!  I would love to do that at least once this year!

To support the cause, I decided just now to create a PayPal account to be able to accept donations and I put a little donation box in the right hand column.   100% of all proceeds donated will be utilized to support our year of kindness.  It would be REALLY great if we can get enough $ to do something similar, to really make a memorable day/week for some unsuspecting/deserving person or perhaps lots of people!

Any amount large or small would be greatly appreciated and I will be sure to post about any acts of kindness that we do either here, on our Facebook page or both!  Thanks ahead of time and let's keep those kindness ideas coming!



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