Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Max Birthday Party Weekend!

We drove up to attend Max's Bday weekend festivities and we had a great time!  It's great that they have a huge house now that can accomodate lots of us at the same time and thanks to my mom for surrendering her room for the weekend as well!

It was great to finally see little Miss Hadley, she is cute as a button!  She makes lots of little noises and some not so little noises as well.  We got to see lots of smiles and even a few giggles too.  And Buddo was of course the center of attention since it was his big party weekend!  It was of course great to see Jen, David, Michelle, James, my Mom, Aunt Cathy, Maddie and Molly as well!  And thanks to my sisters for sharing 4 jars of canned tomatoes, woot woot! 

When we arrived I told Max to smile and say cheese and he smiled and made what I now call his "cheese face" and this was apparently a new thing that I started without even knowing it!  I thought it was something he always does when someone takes his picture, but I guess not.  I must have squinted and made a funny face when I told him to say cheese and it is something he repeated throughout the weekend and it is super cute especially with his little teeth visible on top and bottom.  

I know I am seriously biased, but I can't get enough of these two little munchkins.  They are so stinkin' cute/fun!  Hope to see them again soon!

Cheese face with a pacifier.
Max trying out the new motorcycle we got him
Smash cake fun
Looks a bit like an Elvis face...thank you, thank you very much.
Such a cute one with wifey and Molly
Check out my teeth!
Scary face!  Roarrrr!
Cute as can be!
Little Miss Maddie
Little Miss Hadley with her single dimple!
Looks like a big girl in this one.  Reminds me of Jen as a baby.
Pretty girl.
Baby Hadley

Wifey got Max to mimic her with the "bladle bladle" tongue
noise and he some other noises, so funny!


Jen said...

Such a big boy and girl!! I seriously can't get Max to do the cheese face. Guess you guys need to come back and teach him more things! He loves the motorcycle, he climbs on it and starts it right up with the music. So glad ya'll could come up!

Chris said...

Too funny, love the cheese face. :o)

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