Thursday, May 23, 2013

Attracting Car Discussions

Weird subject line, but stay with me.  If you have followed my posts for a long time, you'll probably know I believe in the law of attraction, that what you concentrate on and think about the most tends to come your way and no this doesn't have anything to do with the car pictured, I just happened to like it and had the picture handy and this relates to cars.  

This week I'm attracting car discussions.  Of course being that I was at Jiffy Lube the one time and Discount Tire another time, makes sense that people would be talking about cars, but this isn't a normal occurrence for me.  People generally don't come up and talk to me out of the blue. 

When I was at Jiffy Lube on Sunday, it was just me and a guy with his daughter.  After he saw my car go in, he starting talking to me about how GM no longer makes Pontiac and we went into talking about big engines and he mentioned that in addition to his loaded new Suburban ($47,000-$57,000) that was getting an oil change, he also has a 7 series BMW ($71,000-$129,000) and a Dodge Viper ($100,000).  It was an impressive lineup, almost $250k worth of vehicles and those were just the ones he brought up.  I think he is a business owner, as I heard him say he was moving into a bigger office when I walked in the door.  I mentioned that to the wife when I got home, since it's not every day you meet a guy with $250k+ of vehicles that is openly sharing those details with you for some reason. 

Then at Discount Tire Tuesday evening, I was just there to get the free rotation/balance and I was the only guy in the main waiting area.  Out of the blue a guy comes over and sits right next to me and says "Hi, is that your Pontiac G8?"...Yep, sure is..."I just sold my G8 GXP and have a bunch of performance parts that I was about to put on the boards online and wanted to see if you might want any."  I didn't specifically want any of what he was selling, but he proceeded to tell me he just sold that car, he has a Pontiac GTO that was getting wheels/tires on, he also has a sup'd up Chevy Impala and just bought a new Mustang as well.

I mentioned that to the wife when I got home as well and she said "that's very odd, that's the second time this week."  I didn't closely relate the two stories initially, but that is true and very weird.  Why twice in one week are people coming up to me and striking up conversations about having multiple high end/high performance vehicles.  Do I have "Please come up and tell me about your vast car collection" written on my forehead?  I checked, that would be a no. 

I wanted to try and figure out why, so thought I'd type it out as I was going through it.  Could be a few things, I have been really focusing on this Forever Affiliate online program and talk daily to other folks trying to succeed online in a private Facebook group and perhaps my focus on that is bringing successful people with $$ into my consciousness.  However, really all we talked about was cars, so I'm not sure if they were successful or rich, or just up to their eyeballs in debt or ?  But I'd like to think perhaps I'm attracting successful people into my circle to learn from in some way. 

The other thing is that I've been talking to a friend from high school, Paul and he just bought a ram air/cold air intake and exhaust for his car that he just purchased, which is the same car that I have.  I'd been planning to purchase the ram air/cold air intake this week and have been researching it and reading about it and so actually, that makes sense that the guy at Discount Tire came up to me and asked if I would be interested in purchasing performance parts.  The cold air intake was one of the items he was selling actually, but it was not the same type/model I'm looking at, but that is still real freaky.  I know this law of attraction thing works, it's just still freaky when it happens. 

So yeah, just wanted to mention that little bit of weirdness.  Bottom line, which isn't specific to my story above, but be sure to use the law of attraction to your advantage.  If you really want something or really want to accomplish something, focus on that as much as possible.  Write it down, always keep it in your thoughts and most importantly, make sure it is a positive thing!  Don't focus on wanting to get rid of something negative, as that will just attract more negativity.  Stay positive, stay focused and great things can happen! 


Jen said...

Wow, that is very interesting. They say to surround yourself with successful rich people if that's how you want to be. Successful people/sales people/business men like to talk about themselves and their success so I would go with that route and keep it up. I bet you would learn a lot about different people and how they live/run their life.

Chris said...

Yep, that's what I'm going to go with! Definitely good to be part of a larger group of people more successful than yourself to learn from.

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