Monday, May 13, 2013

Monkey Monday

We're back from vacation to Riviera Maya Mexico and I haven't had time to write anything about it, but we had a great time!  The highlight of the trip was our excursion to the Jungle Place, where you get to hang out INSIDE the world of a monkey sanctuary for a little over an hour.  SO cool, will talk more about it in another post, but as I was looking through the pictures this morning this one cracked me up.  The monkey and I both have the same expression, HAH...We're both looking at the baby monkey overhead.  And I loved that it looks like the other one is sticking her tongue out.  I agree, it's the first day back to work after a long vacation, I say PSFT and stick my tongue out to that as well!  Happy Monday!


Jen said...

haha that is hilarious. So funny. Welcome back!! Max missed you guys!

Mock family said...

looks like fun!
max would say "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"

Chris said...

Haha...They were definitely jumping, especially the baby monkey!

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