Monday, September 23, 2013

Hidden iOS 7 Features, Installing on Jailbroken Phone & More

I was initially planning to wait for a jailbreak before updating to iOS 7, but with all the excitement over the new look and feel and cool new features, I just decided I'm going to do the update and it is now installed!  Really liking it so far. 

In this post I will first list the steps on how to install iOS 7 on a currently jailbroken device.  Down towards the bottom I will also include steps on installing an iOS 7 theme on a jailbroken device in case you want to retain your jailbreak for now and still have the new look and feel. 

I decided to do the update because I really liked that the screen looks larger with the new interface and being a gadget person, I just like shiny new things.  I was only using the jailbreak for only one app and I can live without the additional features I had in that app for now. 

Another reason for wanting to update was that I came across an article of an undocumented new change in the way Apple can do networking in iOS 7.  It's called Multipath TCP.  It allows you to send/receive data over WiFi, Cell or Bluetooth all at the same time and it could intelligently route traffic on the least congested network as well for optimal speed.  It would also be fault tolerant, in that if your WiFi dropped but your cell connection was still good, this would allow you to keep going on cell without even noticing a hiccup.

For now it appears to be only utilized when connecting to things Apple directly controls, like Siri and it's probably in the very early stages of use, but it could be utilized for all applications eventually.  That is pretty cool.

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Un-Jailbreaking Your Phone to Install iOS 7

If you want to install iOS 7 on a jailbroken device, you will first need to un-jailbreak your phone.  Before you do that, definitely backup your iPhone with iTunes and also save off/import your photos/videos as well.  Once that is done, you will need to choose the restore option in iTunes to remove the jailbreak.  Here is a very short video on how to backup and un-jailbreak your iPhone.

If you want to keep your jailbreak and still get the new look and feel of iOS 7 follow the steps below.

Installing iOS 7 Theme on iPhone

  • Install Winterboard if you don't have it already
  • Add this repo to Cydia (
  • Make sure you add the trailing ‘/’ in the URL
  • Go to that repo and look for the iOS 7 Theme
  • Download and install
  • Go to Winterboard and activate the theme components
Here is a screenshot of my jailbroken phone with the iOS 7 Winterboard theme:

Here are the options I choose within Winterboard to get the iOS 7 look and feel:

 Hope that helps, enjoy!


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