Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Recap

We had Mom in town from Wednesday night-Monday evening for Labor Day weekend and we had an unexpected visit from some cousins as well!  It made for busy weekend of mostly eating out and enjoying the company.  Mom got to snuggle with the Wookie.

Mom and Wookie man
Thursday Mom took almost a 2 hour walk on the beach in the morning and soaked up some sun while I worked from home.  Wifey had to work.  We started out with dinner/drinks at M Shack (excellent burger place) and then went to a restaurant/bar down a short walk from there to Poe's where Mom/Marla enjoyed some dessert.

Dessert at Poe's
Friday we took a day trip to Christmas, Florida.  First off, who knew there was a Christmas, Florida?!  Not us and apparently we live about 2 hours away.  We went there for an airboat ride with Midway Airboat rides.  I'd highly recommend it if you're in the general Orlando area.  It was so peaceful out there, we were the only boat in the huge area of the St Johns River for the majority of our tour.  It was so beautiful.

The weird thing is we saw a whole bunch of cows, some complete with birds on their backs!  Didn't expect to see cows.  Also saw a few horses, lots of birds and we did manage to find a few gators as well!  Because the water level in the river is so high, we had to go searching a bit.

When the water levels are low they rest a lot on higher ground, but because there was almost no higher ground and where there was, cows were usually close.  Apparently gators don't like to hang with cows.  The tour guide said gators will prey on calves that are sick/weakened, but they stay away from the big cows.

Then we had some cousins come in for a visit Saturday/Sunday and we hit up the beach, did some walking around, went to a fun restaurant Clark's Fish Camp and then walked around St Augustine a bit on Sunday and whew, it was toasty hot.  Then they headed back home a few hrs away in Central FL.  Monday we just hung out and hit the beach.  Good times!  

PorkChop.  He was a grumpy piggy at Airboat Tours at Midway,
Turtle hanging in the bushes
About to head out on the airboat tour
First cow we came across, complete with "back bird"
Horses roaming free
More cows
Gator in the wild, it put on a pretty good show, usually they hide
Gator #2
Swimming away
Lots of cypress trees
And one BIG nasty arse Wolf spider, we got wayyy too close to this guy
Me deep in the woods
Captured a gator!  No not really, but I did get to hold it!
Wifey and Mom Downtown at the Arts Market
Mom and cousin Karen
Karen, holding iPad with her daughter Heather in 
S Korea on Skype & me holding iPad with 
sister Michelle and daughter Hadley in Mississippi 
Dayle was taking the pic. Fun with technology!

Good beach shot of all of us
Great silhouette shot, Dayle is the photo stager
St Augustine shot
A little Hadley FaceTime pic to wrap things up  :P

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!


Jen said...

Looks like fun. Love the silhouette shot!

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