Thursday, October 10, 2013

Exotic Driving Experience

HECK YEAH, I get to drive a Lamborghini!  Sorry, couldn't resist. 

A Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 to be exact.  Here's what she looks like....Ain't she purdy?

To say I'm excited, would be a huge understatement.

We've been trying to figure out what we're going to do over Thanksgiving and we have now decided.  We're going to visit the wifey's parents on Thanksgiving day, then head from there over to Disney to hit up Epcot on Friday and then on Saturday I get to drive this sweet ride at the Exotic Driving Experience.  They have multiple locations (listed below) but this particular one is conveniently located at the Walt Disney World Speedway. 

This has been something on my to do list and wifey said to book it on up, so I did!

As a little kid I was always a fan of the Lamborghini.  At the time, the popular model was the Countach, pronounced coon-tosh.  I actually got to see one from back in the day close up at the Concours de Elegance at Amelia Island this year.

The driving experience is 6 laps around the 1 mile track and the top speed you can go is dependent on your skill level and how well you do on the track.  I will probably be nervous initially, but once that adrenaline kicks in and I put the pedal to the metal...permagrin city.

All of the cars offer the paddle shifters on the steering wheel, which allow you to keep your hands on the wheel while you shift and no clutch/manual shifting is required.  You can also select fully automatic mode where no paddle shifting is required.  Some do offer the ability to do a manual shifting mode, for those that prefer a stick shift experience.

Can't wait!  Since I won't be slapping down over over $220,000+ to buy one any time soon, this seems like a reasonable, fun alternative.

And if you, or perhaps a potential gift recipient, might not want to do the actual driving, you can also take a Thrill Ride in any of the vehicles starting at just $99.  That will get you a white knuckle 2 lap ride around the track driven by a professional driver.   

There are several different track locations and vehicles to choose from.  The Orlando location offers all of the vehicles shown below, in addition to the Yellow Lambo pictured above, but not all vehicles are offered at every location.  You can check their site for the latest info and deals. 

    Atlanta Motor Speedway
    Charlotte Motor Speedway
    Daytona International Speedway
    Englishtown, NJ (Raceway Park)
    Kansas Speedway
    MSR Houston
    New Hampshire Motor Speedway
    New Jersey Motorsports Park
    NOLA Motorsports Park
    Orlando (Walt Disney World Speedway)
    Texas Motor Speedway

I will hopefully have lots of pictures to share after the event!



Jen said...

I had no idea you were that into cars... Sounds fun.. for you! Tell Marla to take video and pics.

Chris said...

Yep, most of my friends were into muscle cars growing up.

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