Monday, October 28, 2013

iOS 7.0.3 Update Issues?

I noticed that my iPhone 5 wanted to update me to iOS 7.0.3 yesterday.  I did not update, as I'm not having any of the iMessage issues that I know some friends and family are experiencing.

However, I have noticed that certain apps such as Facebook crash quite often and occasionally InstaGram will do the same, but I think those are more app specific issues than iOS 7.

The wifey has experienced random reboots after updating to iOS 7, but I have not had that happen.

I just noticed an article saying that iOS 7.0.3 does not appear to be the cure-all for the iMessaging issues that everyone was hoping for and it is possible other issues may surface after updating?

iOS 7.0.3 Complaints Pile Up

I'm curious if anyone has had any issues that appear resolved after updating or perhaps more issues have cropped up as a result of updating?

Just wondering...I'm holding off on doing any updates hoping that a jailbreak will surface for iOS 7 soon.  The latest rumors were end of this month, but since that is almost here, it may be a bit longer. 


Jen said...

I updated, but didn't really have any issues before or after so can't really help there.

Mock family said...

yeah no real issues here but updated as well, can't notice any differences

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