Monday, December 30, 2013

New Domain Name and Exciting Changes

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great Christmas week!

The wifey and I enjoyed our time with the family up in Atlanta and I will do a post tomorrow with the highlights and lots of pictures of our niece and nephew.

In this post I wanted to highlight some changes I made over on my niche site over the past few weeks.

Back in mid-December, I migrated the site to a new domain name.  The new domain name is  It is only slightly different than the original URL, with the addition of the s in Tools.

When I registered the original site 2 years ago yesterday, my plan was to highlight a particular niche site tool, but over the past two years the site has evolved into being much more than that.

I was wanting to ramp things up for the New Year and I spent some time thinking about where I really wanted to go with the site.

I listen to a number of Podcasts and one of them is from the guys at Internet Business Mastery.  One of the things they stress quite often is coming up with a Single Motivating Purpose or SMP.  It is kinda like a mission statement, or reason for being.

Here is what I came up with for my SMP for that site: To share experiences, tips and tools with other like minded folks to help everyone achieve a greater level of success with their online adventures.

What do you think?  I really like how it sounds and feel it has helped me focus and it was the driver behind switching to the new domain name, which I think more accurately reflects where I want to take things on that site.

Around that same time I created a new Facebook page for the site and at the suggestion of one of my friends and subscribers over on that site, I also created a Twitter account for the site.

Admittedly, I plan to utilize Twitter more to follow and connect with others than I do to actually post tweets of my own, but I do plan to retweet and highlight relevant posts from others as well.

I would really appreciate it if you would like the Facebook page, as that is one of those things where the more likes you get the more someone else is likely to want to like the page as well.

Even if you have absolutely no interest in web sites or making $ online, I promise the Facebook page will have lots of inspirational/motivational quotes.  Who doesn't like a little motivation/inspiration from time to time?

Take a look and see the types of things I've already posted there and will continue to post. Thanks ahead o' time!

And if you do happen to be interested in internet marketing, making $ online and other online adventures, by all means, follow the Twitter page and subscribe to the site via email to receive new post updates and exclusive subscriber only content direct to your inbox.

If you do subscribe, you'll automatically get my free eGuide on Keyword Brainstorming detailing how to come up with ideas for creating your own niche sites.  Pretty exciting right?  

Thanks ahead of time!

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