Thursday, January 30, 2014

Angry Birds Friends


I had to look back and see when my last Angry Birds related post was and it was just last month when Angry Birds Go came out. That is the Mario Kart like game.

I actually completely forgot about that one, my attention span for games is apparently pretty short. BUT...If you are at all competitive and did like Angry Birds at one point, or still do now, check out Angry Birds Friends.

I don't believe it is anything new, I just happened to notice it in the app store. What I like about this one is you get 6 levels to complete each week and your goal is to score higher than your friends on each of the levels and overall. The game itself is similar to the original Angry Birds, other than the head-to-head part.

I'm super competitive when it comes to things like that and don't like to lose. Right now I am competing against just 2 others, one is my cousin John and the other is a former co-worker Scott and it appears we are all equally competitive.

The first 3 weeks I came in 3rd, then last week I came in 1st. Woot!

This week I was the first one to start the week out and thought for sure I had done so well that I couldn't be beat. I opened it up today and found the pic above. I'm pretty close to my cousin, but wayyyy behind Scott.  Bummer....I got some catching up to do!

Each week the slate is wiped clean and you start from scratch so you can jump in at any time.

I'd love to have a few more peeps in there. Jump on in and prepare to meet your doom! 


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