Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turbo Tax 35% Discount

It's tax time again.  I've always used TurboTax and it transfers over all my data from the prior year so I continue to use it.  I believe there are free options such as TaxAct, but I figure one place with all my personal financial info is enough and since there is no state tax in Florida, I just have to pay for the Federal. 

Unfortunately, the Bank of America discount, which was 35% off appears to be no longer available in 2014.  However, here are a few others ways to get discounts...

For anyone wanting/needing to utilize the desktop/download version, Amazon offers the same discount that the companies mentioned below offer.  And what I found is that this year, they have rolled up several forms and schedules from their lower priced online versions into their higher prices $79+ online Business version.   However, that is not yet the case for their desktop versions, so this year I'm having to utilize the desktop version myself and I did so via this discount link to Amazon:

Scottrade offers members 30% off online or 20% off desktop versions
Vanguard offers members a 25% discount  
Wells Advantage has a $20 discount
Fidelity gives its members a $20 discount
T. Rowe Price gives a discount up to $20 
USAA Turbo Tax Discount has a 25% discount
Progressive Insurance has a 25% discount
AAA Member gives its members a 25% discount

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