Friday, May 16, 2014

New Three Cents App For iOS

What exactly is the Three Cents App you say?! 

It is a cool new, free app that was created by the husband of a friend of ours. The app allows you to quickly poll your friends, followers or really anyone and get some informed opinions/answers.  It was featured as one of the best new apps in the Apple App Store just last week.

For instance, let's say you were considering a few different smart phones like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy 5, etc. and wanted to ask others which one they like best...

You just put it into the Three Cents app, plug in your poll/question, share it on Facebook or Twitter and it shows up as a link that anyone can click on and place their vote. No need for others to login to access the link or vote.

The app has tie-ins to Yelp for food/drinks questions, TripAdvisor for travel, Rotten Tomatoes for movies, etc. 

Some other examples could be "What is the best place for pizza in Denver?", "What movie should I see this weekend?", "What is the best hotel in Oahu?"

Here are some screen shots showing some questions recently posted. 

Way cool, be sure to check it out!

Three Cents App Main Site
Three Cents App Twitter Page
Three Cents App Facebook Page

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