Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warning: Sad Post Ahead


If you don't want to be sad and I don't blame you one bit, I wouldn't read this post.

This is part of my healing/grieving process and as difficult as it is for me to type this out, it helps a bit to try and come to terms with everything.

Friday evening we found out our little Wookie man had an incurable disease called FIP. To say we were devastated would be an understatement. It is one of those things where when symptoms start to materialize, it can be a matter of days, weeks, or months, but there is no treatment and no cure, it is just a matter of time.

He was having to go to the bathroom 20+ times per day and when it was bothering him, he might go 10+ times in a few minute time period. He also started to lose his eye sight in one eye and just started to withdraw and you could tell he was uncomfortable and would no longer play.

Knowing the prognosis and outcome, we made the VERY very difficult decision to end his suffering and he went to the rainbow bridge to meet his brothers, Stinky and Poker and lots of other cousins/friends on Saturday afternoon.

It is not right to have to make a decision like that for such a young kitty that we loved so much. In the 9 months we had him, he had gone through so much.

Shortly after we got him he developed ringworm, which he must have picked up from the shelter and during the sulfur dip treatment for that, he had a reaction and lost all of his hair for a month. We felt so bad for him, since most of his first month here he was in quarantine.

After about a month and a half he was good to go. Then a few months later he developed an upper respiratory infection that took several weeks to go away.

He also commonly had bouts of loose stool at various times, which looking back, the URI and loose stool and not being able to gain weight were probably all early symptoms of the disease.

After we got back from our recent vacation, we noticed he lost a significant amount of weight and wasn't himself and after trying to treat his stomach/potty problems with some antibiotics with no luck, took him back in for a full blood workout and found out the bad news.

After researching what the FIP progression looks like, after talking over things and sleeping on it, we made the incredibly difficult decision to put an end to his suffering.

It is such a hard thing to do and I second guessed our decision several times throughout that day. A lot of tears were shed and continue to be shed. Even despite everything he was going through, he slept curled up next to Marla every night like he always did.

The grieving process is such a difficult thing, we know deep down inside that we made the right decision, but you feel guilt, despair, anger, extreme sadness and you still second guess things after the fact.

It's so difficult since pets cannot tell you how they feel and you cannot explain what is going on.

But Wookie is in a better place, with no more suffering and we need to celebrate all of the good times we had with him.

Here is the post I did when we first got him, detailing how it all came about.  Such a good little kitty! He had such a little personality!

He was an acrobat, running from one side of the place to the other, leaping from the top of his very high up kitty condo to the bed, to the dresser and back.  He also loved to climb and explore!

He would play rough with Buddy, the big boy of the house and they were also best friends.

It's going to take quite a while to get over this one, not only for us but for his brothers as well.

We miss you so much little Wookie man, enjoy your new world being problem free and free to roam and have fun with your new brothers Stinky and Poker and all of your cousins and friends there to meet you at the rainbow bridge!

We'll see you again one day!  Love you Wookie Man!

Be sure to give all of your fury friends some extra love this weekend!  Monkey, Buddy and Sage will definitely be getting lots of extra attention for sure!

If you are interested in making a donation to support FIP research, to find a treatment/cure to this terrible disease, you can donate to Sock FIP at UC Davis

We did so, in hopes that one day soon no more kitties or their human parents will have to deal with FIP or the devastating effects! 


Mock family said...

:( so sorry he was a great kitty. He is in good company but doesn't make it any easier. Will give our fur babies an extra squeeze today

Chris said...

Yep, thx. We are giving the boys lots of love as well!

Jen S said...

Sorry for your loss. Wookie picked you to be his parents because he needed the extra love from you guys. For 9 months he was a lucky fella!

Chris said...

Yep, guess so. We enjoyed our time with him as well! :o)

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss... glad you had the time you did and he had good pet parents while he was here! Sending thoughts your way...

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