Saturday, November 8, 2014

Zombie Catchers - New iOS Game

Zombie Catchers is my favorite new game!  I noticed it was very popular and had great reviews for graphics and it's uniqueness in the App Store.  Unfortunately for all you Android folks out there, it is iOS only at the moment.

It is a game created by a new company called Two Men and a Dog and the company is made up of some former members of the Rovio team, creators of Angry Birds.

I can confirm that the graphics look great on the iPhone 6 Plus and the game play is quick and super fun.

Here's what it says on their site for a quick description of the game:

"Get ready to meet Bud and A.J., two intergalactic serial entrepreneurs on a mission to rid the world from this dreadful infestation. Using an arsenal of the latest advancements in zombie-catching technology, they plan to round up the zombies, with a juicy scheme in mind... Who said the zombie apocalypse couldn't be a lucrative business opportunity?"

Check out the trailer...

Way cool, definitely a fun game, try it out!


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