Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Congratulations Wifey!

It has been a long, hard fought battle, but the wifey has completed her Bachelors degree in Health Sciences, from the University of West Florida!

So proud and excited!  It seems like she's been at it for a long time, because she has, but at the same time it seems like the end has come up quickly!

Due to some credits from her prior AA degree not transferring and some FL rules, she actually had to take a bunch of classes to get a FL AA degree first, so she actually now has two AA degrees and her Bachelors degree.

She started in the Summer of 2010 to get the new AA degree, then started at UWF in the Spring of 2012 and she took her last final!  Woot woot!

She did such a great job, she will be graduating with honors!

I was so impressed at how well she was able to focus and juggle her full time job and somewhere between 2-4 classes each semester, while still managing to find time to feed me and the kitties and not go insane!  :o)  We are all very grateful!

When I started to write this post a week ago, I originally said that now it's time to put that degree to good use and move on up in the world...Well, in the last week she has taken the world by storm and managed to interview for and land a new position as a medical office manager for a different office, within the same company she's been with the last 5+ years. 

That is the role that she has been preparing for over the last few years.  It is that next level up and one of the main reasons she was pursing her degree in the first place.   So excited, mostly because I know how hard she has worked and because it shows that all her hard work paid off!

The position sounds like a great fit, the doctors and director all really liked her (of course) and she did a great job at the interview, since they offered her the job the next day. She starts the new job sometime within the next 30 days.

Great job!!  So proud and glad to see she's being recognized for her efforts!  Yay wifey!  Here's to a great new start, for the upcoming New Year!

We're going to celebrate this coming weekend with a getaway to Universal Studios and she picked Emeril's Tchoup Chop restaurant for her celebratory dinner!  Can't wait!


Mock family said...

woohoooo congrats! now drink your faces off haha great job on everything!

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