Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final Mission for Space Shuttle Discovery

The space shuttle Discovery will make it's final mission into space at 4:50pm tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 24th if all goes as planned. This is not the final shuttle mission overall, the Endeavour is scheduled for April 19 and the final mission is Atlantis on June 28th.

If things stay on schedule, I plan to leave work a little early and try and catch it from my driveway. We're about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Titusville, FL where they launch. Depending on the trajectory of the launch, we've seen a real good show a time or two, especially for night launches. We also went to see a launch in the last few years and that was pretty cool too, it's like one big party with people tailgating and everything. Check out some of the pictures from when we went to see one in person below. Godspeed!

Live Space Shuttle Countdown Portal
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STS-133 Press Kit (11.4 Mb PDF)
STS-133 Mission Summary (778 Kb PDF)
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Party time!

Lift Off!


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