Friday, February 18, 2011

Pawn Addiction

If you're like me, you can't get enough pawn! No not porn, pawn! I'm really into the pawn TV shows and the related shows about salvaging items and reselling them. The 6 shows below are on regular rotation on the DVR, check em out if they sound like something you might like.

Pawn Stars - Show takes place at the now world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas. This is all about folks coming in to sell items at their pawn shop. It's cool to see all the neat items people bring in and watch the guys wheel and deal to get a good price.

Hardcore Pawn - This one is Pawn Stars meets Jerry Springer and takes place in the heart of downtown Detroit. This is the down and dirty of the pawn business. Lots of arguments and fighting, even amongst the long time owner and his children that also help run the business. This show is a train wreck, but definitely entertaining.

Auction Hunters - This is my favorite of the storage unit shows. They follow 2 guys that go to Storage Unit auctions. Basically when someone no longer pays their storage unit rent, there is a process where they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Everyone bidding has 5 minutes to look inside ONLY, they cannot go inside or touch anything, so they're pretty much bidding based only on what they think might be inside boxes or what is in plain view. Very cool to see the cool things they find inside and how much they end up selling them for.

Storage Wars - This is the same concept as Auction Hunters, except that they follow 4 main characters/groups. They all have different personalities and are looking for different types of items from the storage units and they compete heavily for the units. A lot of times they'll bid up the prices of the units even if they don't want them, to make the other guys pay more for them.

American Pickers - This show follows two guys that drive around the country 'picking'. Picking is when you drive around rural areas looking for people that have old items sitting around their property that they could turn around and resell for a profit. Basically like going to a garage sale or antique sale, but there isn't an actual official sale going on. They either get a lead on someone wanting to get rid of some items from their life long collection or they just randomly go up and knock on someone's door asking if they might have any items they want to sell.

Hollywood Treasure - This is a show similar to American Pickers, but it's specific to Hollywood movie/show memorabilia. The company works their leads, trying to get folks that have items part with them for their auctions and they get a cut of the proceeds. Very cool to see some of the items they're able to get and how much they are worth. Some items are estimated to be worth millions and usually the owners won't part with those. They recently had the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on there, the main bag that Mary Poppins used in the movie, the original Santa and Rudolph from the old TV show Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc.

Check out the links above to find out what channel they are on and when. I have them setup to record on the DVR, so I'm not really sure the exact channel/time, but I enjoy each of them and hope you will too!

Do you have any shows outside of the regular national networks that you enjoy? Please drop a comment below, I could always add another show or two to the list.


Jen S said...

Check out Cash & Cari on HGTV. It is more estate sales and antique stuff but still neat.

Chris said...

Cool, will set it to record now. Thanks!

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