Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anniversary ROAD TRIP

At long last, we are making the road trip to PONTILLO'S PIZZA IN SARASOTA FL!!!!!!!!!!!  We can't wait to take our first bite and we are REALLY hoping that it looks exactly like it does in the picture and that it tastes the same as it does at our hometown Rochester, NY Pontillo's locations.  Based on some reviews it sounds like it should meet our expectations!!  We plan to go there on Saturday for lunch to try it before we buy, this location is different in that it looks like you can order some food/pizza slices and eat it there.  Assuming it's all good, we plan to get 5 large to bring back with us in our new cooler, purchased just for this occasion.  Check it out, it even has wheels!  I posted a message on their FB page asking if they can give us a deal too! 

In the event our taste test fails, we have a potential backup plan of Mark's pizza, which is also from our hometown and just opened a location near Tampa. Problem is Pontillo's is 36 minutes south of where we're staying and Mark's is a full hour North, closer to Tampa so if Pontillo's doesn't work out hopefully Mark's is open on Memorial Day and we could possibly stop there on the way home.  Not real concerned though, cause Pontillo's is going to be just purrrfect! 

It's a bonus that Pontillo's is located in Sarasota, since we really like it over in the Tampa/Sarasota area.  We like that the water is usually clear over on the gulf side and in many areas, such as Sarasota bay, the water is bright blue, just like it is in the Caribbean.  In addition, there are a ton more restaurants/bars located on the water there, which is what we really enjoy as well. 

Last time we were in Sarasota we stayed at a great location within walking distance of St Armands Circle.  That area has a bunch of restaurants with outdoor patios and a lot of unique little shops.  Since we've already done that area, we decided to try someplace new.

We're staying on Anna Maria Island at the BridgeWalk. We like that there are a bunch of good restaurants on the water within walking distance and great spots to watch the sunset.  We plan to hit up The Beachhouse Restaurant and The Sandbar Restaurant.  We'll probably also check out Bean Point, an off the beaten path, quiet, pristine beach spot.  Should be a great long weekend.

Any plans for the holiday weekend?


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