Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer TV Shows

The way it used to be in the past, shows would go through their season finales and then summer was here and it was re-run time.  As kids, you'd be out of school, would head out to play and didn't care much.  Now with our sedentary lifestyles and different stations wanting to keep/gain viewers during the 'down' season, lots of stations are taking advantage by launching new seasons of shows during that time.  Below are the ones we're most excited about:

1.  True Blood, HBO season premiere Sunday, June 26th, 9pm.  Last summer we watched all 3 seasons during a few week period and we're all caught up and sucked in.  I didn't think a show about Vampires (and lots of other odd creatures as time went on) would interest me, but it's good stuff.

2.  Breaking Bad, AMC season premiere Sunday, July 17th, 10pm.  This is one of my favorites.  It's been a long off season, over a year I believe due to some delays.  This is about a chemistry teacher than ends up diagnosed with cancer and decides to start manufacturing Meth to come up with $$ to support his family after he's gone.  Lots more crazy stuff happened after that, but have to watch it to find out.  This is another one where we watched all of the episodes during a month or so last summer and I was hooked more so than the wifey, but she got into it also.

3.  Big Brother, CBS premiere Thursday, July 7, 2011 9pm.  This is a big family favorite.  The wifey and I, my sisters and mom all watch it religiously and talk about it in between episodes.  Some years are better than others and it all depends on the cast as to how the show will go.  It can get frustrating when the annoying peeps overextend their welcome .  It isn't rocket science TV, but it's usually entertaining and it's on 3 times a week when most shows aren't new, so it passes the time. 

4.  Royal Pains Season 3 premieres on USA Network on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 9pm.  This is a show about a concierge doctor service in the Hamptons.  He's kinda like a mini-Macgyver/House doctor guy.  Lots of good HD scenery and some mini-sub plots.

5.  Hollywood Treasure, Wednesday, June 1st, 10pm on SyFy.  Show that auctions off Hollywood memorabilia.  Sometimes there are really cool items that go for really high prices.  This one is kinda a filler show.  Good when you're just looking for a quick entertaining brainless show.  Similar to American Pickers, Pawn Stars, etc.

Speaking of which, I couldn't find if/when there will be a new season of Pawn Stars.  Hoping there is one.  Other than those shows, I have a bunch of episodes of recent shows to catch up on such as Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Hardcore Pawn, American Pickers and Tosh.O

I'm sure there are some new ones I'm forgetting.  My sister Michelle will be sure to let me know, since she's a self proclaimed TV addict.  Our show tastes don't necessarily overlap for the most part though, but will see if there are any obvious ones I missed.  There were a ton of changes to the new Fall TV lineup, but it's too early to research that. 

Are there any shows that you're into which have new seasons starting sometime between now and this summer that you are looking forward to?  Would love to hear about em...Have a great long weekend!


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