Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trend Trading For a Living

Now that vacation has come and gone and the wifey's college classes started up again, it's time for me to get my study on also. I'm going to attempt to immerse myself in all things stock trading related once again to accelerate my learning.  As a result, I may not be blogging every week day, although that might be a nice diversion, but I don't want to feel like the blog posts are taking time away from my learning, so will see how it goes...

I'm going to begin reading Trend Trading For a Living.  It sounds like a book similar to Come Into My Trading Room that I'm most of the way through.  In the first few pages he's mentioned the author of Come Into My Trading Room, Alexander Elder, as one of his primary mentors, so my thinking is that I'll read Trend Trading in hopes that it will emphasize some of the concepts I've begun to learn and present it in a slightly different way and see if I think that is more or less helpful in learning the concepts.

My overall goal is that by the time I complete the Trend Trading book, that I'll have a solid enough background on how to properly use technical analysis and key indicators to be able to identify, on my own, particular stocks which are likely to go in a particular direction based on my findings.  Hopefully it will be a fruitful read and a book that will be useful towards my ultimate goal of being able to trade stocks for a living from where ever I choose!


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