Friday, January 20, 2012

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

If you've followed along from my prior posts on how to utilize Market Samurai to find a killer set of keywords and sizing up your competition, you now have a great keyword phrase and domain name chosen, you just need to register the site and sign up for a web hosting account. 

I've utilized GoDaddy for registering domain names since 2003 and have never had a single problem.  They also have a 5.99 special currently for new 1 year .com registrations, which is a great deal.  I also highly recommend choosing private domain registration, which is what I do with all of my domains.  That way you won't be spammed by other companies selling things once they see your new domain registration out there. 

I recently signed up with Webhosting Hub for a web hosting account and they have been nothing short of amazing as far as ease of use and their 24/7 customer support team.  I decided after I setup my account that I wanted to change the primary domain that I assigned initially.  I contacted support three separate times on a Sunday afternoon for three different questions via their online chat feature.  I talked to support reps James G and William M and they were super knowledgable, fully resolved each individual issue the first time and they mentioned each time they were available 24/7 for any further questions/issues.  That type of instant/helpful support is so hard to find these days. 

I signed up with Webhosting Hub for several reasons...The excellent reviews I read about their great support, excellent reviews in general, 99.9% uptime, the fact that you can have unlimited domains/WordPress Blogs/MySQL databases, 1 click WordPress install, great prices and their 90 day money back guarantee.

I setup 2 separate domains in addition to the free one they provide, installed 2 WordPress blogs, installed several WordPress plugins, a few WordPress themes and published some original content all in one afternoon.  Based on my experience thus far I feel very comfortable recommending them, knowing that anyone who signs up through my affiliate links will be in good hands.

The typical lowest published discount rate for Webhosting Hub is $4.95 per month, but I was so impressed and passionate about their service that I was able to negotiate with them directly to get you their lowest rate available anywhere of $3.95 per month!  That is a really great deal and only available by clicking my affiliate link.  Make sure you see the image below on their sign-up page showing you the $3.95 price, otherwise you're not getting the full discount.  Just like other hosting sites, that is their price if you sign up for 36 months.  If you sign up for 24 months, the price is $4.95 and for 12 months, that rate is $5.95.  Being new to web hosting myself, I signed up for the $5.95 / month rate for 1 year.  Choose whatever rate/term best fits your needs.

I hope you enjoyed my series of posts this week on how to come up with killer keyword phrases to target for a new niche/blog site idea, how to size up your competition to determine which phrases have the best chance of success, how to pick a killer domain name to go with your keyword phrase and where to go to register your domain name and host your website(s).

I did these posts over the course of about three weeks and really put a ton of effort into making them as useful as possible.  My primary goal was to have the entire process documented, in a series of consecutive posts, so that others would have a much easier time finding the relevant information all in one spot.  To make things easier to find, I also created a completely separate site that contains all of this relevant information on one page.  If you go to you will see this information repeated and available directly from the main page for easier reference. 

If you have any suggestions on anything you'd like to see added or done differently, please let me know as I want to make the information appeal to as large an audience as possible.  I'm hoping to make the internet a better place and help out as many others as possible.

And in full disclosure, many links contained on this page are affiliate links and I will get a commission, at no additional cost to you, if you sign up for those products or services.  I wholeheartedly endorse Market Samurai, GoDaddy for domain registration and Webhosting Hub for web hosting services.


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