Monday, January 16, 2012

New Alcatraz TV Series

Before I get into the new show Alcatraz, I wanted to give a quick preview of some upcoming posts.  This week I have a series of 4 posts that I spent a ton of work on over the last few weeks on and off and am excited to share those with you.  They will provide information on the process of setting yourself up for success online, step by step instructions on how to utilize a particular software package to do research for new website/blog ideas you might have, how to size up your competition and where to go to register your newly chosen domain and setup your web hosting account with Webhosting Hub.  Those posts will run Tues-Friday this week.  If you have any website/blog ideas yourself, have them handy and you can follow along using your own search terms with a free 12 day trial of the Market Samurai software.  

Today I wanted to highlight a new TV series that starts at 8pm tonight on Fox called Alcatraz.  It's a new show from JJ Abrams, the producer of Lost and it looks to have some similar types of twists and surprises.  Here is a synopsis:

"When Detective Rebecca Madsen is assigned to a grisly homicide case, a fingerprint leads her to a shocking suspect: Jack Sylvane, a former Alcatraz inmate who died decades ago. With her investigation impeded by government agent Emerson Hauser, Madsen teams up with Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast Dr. Diego Soto (Hurley from Lost). They both soon discover that Sylvane is not only alive, but he’s loose on the streets of San Francisco, leaving bodies in his wake, and does not appear to age. With the inclusion of Agent Hauser, they realize that Sylvane is only a small part of a much larger, more sinister present-day threat. For while he may be the first, it quickly becomes clear that Sylvane won’t be the last prisoner to reappear from Alcatraz"

I for one and pretty psyched!  So much so, that when I saw some commercials for the show when watching football over the weekend, I registered the site after doing some keyword research/analysis, similar to what you'll see in the posts later this week.

The site is a joint adventure with a friend and fellow blogger Tim, who I knew from the college days and reconnected with on Facebook and through blogging.  Saturday night we were talking about possibly doing our own little experiment by either competing against each other to try and get a new site to rank highest on Google for a particular topic of interest or possibly doing a joint venture type thing.  We were both big fans of Lost and current shows like the Walking Dead and American Horror Story, but those already have a huge following.

When I saw all the commercials for Alcatraz this weekend and checked out the details and trailer, I was hooked and immediately got to work.  I found there was a decent amount of traffic already for the Alcatraz series and did some research on the competition and available related domain names and pulled the trigger on  I then setup the site on the web host I signed up with over the weekend and sent a message over to Tim with my idea and we're on-board!

The site will be not only be a true site for fans, by fans, but it will be an experiment of our attempts to get a large following and to rank as high as possible in Google.  I'll update you with our progress along the way. 

So be sure to check out the show at 8pm on Fox and stop by before/after and be the first to leave some relevant comments about the show to pump up the interest!  It's a work-in-progress and may not be in it's final completed form by show time, but we'll get there.


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