Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Money Online Writing Articles For InfoBarrel

I've been listening to a bunch of PodCasts from Pat Flynn on his Smart Passive Income Blog and I came across an interesting idea on a way to make $ online that I wasn't aware of.  It is by publishing articles for a site called InfoBarrel. 

If you're at all familiar with eHow.com or have read articles from there, it is similar in that it's a huge document/article repository.  From what I read/listened to, eHow changed their payment structure for the worse a while back and most of their writers jumped ship.  After extensive research, most of them converted over to places like InfoBarrel. 

The way InfoBarrel works is that you sign up and can start publishing articles right away.  Once they're approved, which from what I've read is a quick review process just to make sure you have a good concept of the English language, your articles are posted on their site.  They place various ads around your articles and you get 75% of the revenue generated from your articles.  Pretty cool and something you could get started on and start making $ with today. 

Basically, you could do the same on your own blog utilizing Google AdSense, but the advantage you get by using InfoBarrel is that they get millions of page views where you probably do not.  More page views=more viewers and potentially more clicks and more $.  And if you happen to have one of the Free Wordpress hosted blogs out there, you cannot post ads or use Google AdSense yourself, so this might be an interesting option for you. 

What intrigued me was that Pat said when he was back on eHow he published 150 articles in one month back in Dec of 2008 and then left them there, never to do anything further.  Initially he got a few cents in a few hours and a few dollars after a few days.  Not a very good hourly rate for your time/effort up front, but it's a start.  Fast forward to Feb of 2010 and he earned $371.39 that month, up from $317 the prior month.

That's not a huge amount of $, but to get that kind of $ consistently each month from a months worth of work 3 years prior was pretty impressive to me.  He said that when anyone asks him the quickest and best way to start making $ online, he points people to InfoBarrel and recommends starting right away.  The more articles that you write now, the more time you have to make $ off of those articles in the future. 

An added benefit of using InfoBarrel is that they allow you to post a small number of links in the body of your article.  Typically article submission sites only allow you to post a link in an 'About the Author' paragraph at the bottom, not in the main body.  This allows you to write an article and provide a link to specific posts on your own site, driving traffic your way.   

The best part is that those links are 'dofollow' links, not 'nofollow'.  A 'dofollow' link is a link that Google will follow when it crawls your article on InfoBarrel, driving up the PageRank for the article you linked to on your own website.  Most links that you place online these days are 'nofollow' links.  That tells Google not to follow those links, basically doing nothing for your PageRank. 

InfoBarrel is a high ranking site, so that backlink to your own site is worth even more.  DoFollow backlinks from higher ranking sites are the holy grail for increasing your own PageRank on Google and that is one of the reasons I signed up myself.  I want to experiment with how that works for my blog and niche site ideas. 

However, if you are interested in trying it out yourself, I would not recommend putting a lot of links in your first several articles, as that will probably increase the likelihood they would be rejected.  I would come up with good quality articles on topics that you think will be of interest to lots of people and keep the links to a minimum or not at all initially. 

Once you publish a certain number of quality articles that get approved, there is a point where all of your articles will be auto-approved from that point on.  It looks like that could be anywhere from several weeks to a month and probably depends on how many articles you have submitted and how many they already approved. 

I think this is a great way to get started on trying to make $ online that doesn't cost you a thing to get started, with the added benefit of potentially great backlinks and additional traffic to your own site if desired/applicable.  In addition, you can utilize the exact same steps I showed you last week on how to identify profitable keywords to figure out what would be great topics to write about. 

I will try it out and report back on how the process works, any $$ that starts to come in and will also keep track of my Google PageRank on this blog to see if/when it increases, once I feel comfortable adding links in articles that I submit.  Currently this blog is a PageRank 0, which is the lowest it can be, so we have no where to go but up!

If you're interested in making $ by submitting articles yourself, please allow me to refer you to the site through this InfoBarrel referral link.  If you do, I will thank you personally and I will provide you with an original, 400 word article after your first article is approved and posted!

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