Thursday, February 2, 2012

Related Posts - Nrelate vs Linkwithin

Like many bloggers, I have 'Related Posts' or 'You May Also Like' articles shown underneath each post.  I was using a tool called Linkwithin, but I started to notice that the 'Related Posts' were not related at all in most cases.  I searched around and came across an alternative called Nrelate.

They offer a lot more customization!  You can choose how many related posts to show, change the size of the images, can choose how focused or broad you want the related posts to be, etc.  Most important for me was that the posts be more relevant.  I just enabled nrelate a few days ago and so far I have noticed much better results.

Keep in mind, a lot of it will depend on how many posts you have on a particular topic and what you set the relevancy level to.  It seems that it is best to set that to low when you sign-up.  As long as you have several posts on the same subject, the results for those posts should be pretty relevant.  However, on posts like this one that are unique, your results may not be as relevant.  On the whole, nrelate results are much better for me than they were with Linkwithin.    

All you have to do is go to their site, sign in and get the code to add it as a widget to either your Blogger or Wordpress site.  No manual editing of HTML.  Only took a few seconds to add and then you have to wait several hours for the related posts to show up.  I enabled mine one evening and by the next morning they were there.

Their support is excellent as well.  Google made some Blogger changes just after I first signed up, which caused some temporary issues with the 'Related Posts'.  Neil from their support team worked with me one on one to get a change pushed out from their side which resolved the issue for myself and probably hundreds of others.  It is all working again and the results are excellent.  

If you show relevant posts on your blog and aren't getting good results, I'd definitely recommend trying it out.  Let me know if you have any questions/comments below.

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Katrina said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your great review about nRelate!

- From Katrina and the nRelate team

Chris said...

You're welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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