Friday, February 3, 2012

Rochester Plate Sauce and Top Superbowl Commercials 2012

I saw a like on one guys Facebook for Rochester Plate Sauce.  Pretty cool.  They have also have recipes for the main ingredients, Mac Salad, Home Fries and the full Cheeseburg plate.  Just in time for Super Bowl festivities, although you're probably a bit late on the sauce.  Yummy!!

Also, here is a post of mine on InfoBarrel that went live today showing some of the top Super Bowl Commercials for 2012.  Check it out, some good ones in there!


Jen said...

I wish the recipe was for the sauce! What a great super bowl party idea! Make your own plates!

Mock family said...

Fantastic idea!

Jimmy said...

Thanks for the post and comments as well! I hope I can be of service in the future!! I'm working to get Rochester Plate Sauce in the hands of Plate fans nationwide (and now in Afghanistan for some W. NY soldiers).

Sauce recipes are great, but do you make your own ketchup every time you need some? Now you can have Sauce on hand and ready to go for something as large as a Plate or as small as a scrambled egg. And my individual 6oz pouches minimize waste.

Check it out at, and Enjoy! and Heavy Sauce!!!


Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by Jimmy. Great idea on the plate sauce by the way. There are a lot of us former Rochesterians scattered around the globe that appreciate your efforts. The 3 main things I miss food wise from up there are Bill Grays, Pontillos and Garbage Plates. Mmm...Keep up the good work!

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