Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Travels

Friday I will be heading up to NY for some Labor Day weekend family festivities.  My out of town immediate family members and I will all be heading up to celebrate my Gma's belated 90th Birthday and they will also be having a baby shower for my sister Michelle and baby Hadley on Labor day.

My two sisters Jen/Michelle, brother in law David, nephew Max and I will all be staying at a neighbors house.  They graciously opened up their home for us to stay.  Fun times!

It should be quite interesting to have us all under one roof, especially since Max does not like to sleep through the night and can be very vocal about it!  :o)  My mom is used to that, since she's staying with Jen/David/Max in Atlanta, but I was surprised to hear she is staying with a different neighbor instead of where we will be.  She SAYS they INSISTED on having her stay with them, but I'm not so sure about that.  Hmm...not sure if we should believe that. 

Friday my Bro-In-Law David and I will be whisked away straight from the airport to Sticky Lips BBQ.  That will be the mini-party for my Gma and I've never been there before, so that will be fun.  Later that night I'll be doing a live draft for my work Fantasy Football league.

Saturday is wide open for me at the moment, I will probably try to see some friends depending on what's going on.  For sure I will be having PONTILLO'S PIZZA!!!!  I will be getting at least 3 large, one to eat and 2 to bring back.  Nom Nom Nom.  In addition, I plan to have either Charlie Riedel's or Bill Gray's Cheeseburger and fries.

That's really it for me food wise, no need for a Garbage Plate, since I like my wife's Garbage Plate better than the original now that we have Rochester Plate Sauce to put on it.  Mmmm....I could go for one right now. The wifey wants me to bring back some Zwiegels hot dogs as well. 

Sunday I believe some family members will be stopping over in the afternoon for a little get together and then Monday I head on back.

Short trip, bit it will be good to see everyone, especially Max since he is growing so fast!

I hope you have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend, whatever it is you'll be doing!


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