Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I had a good weekend trip up to Rochester, NY to visit with family and friends.  It was a short trip, but we packed a bunch of stuff in.

Of course food was a big part of the trip.  As expected, I fit in my favorite pizza, Pontillo's!  That was the highlight of the trip food wise and I brought back almost two large pizza in an insulated bag and managed to fit in a combo red/white Zweigles Hot Dog package as well for the wifey.  In addition I brought home 4 loaves of Wegmans Cinnamon Swirl bread in my checked bag.  Mmmm...We also had a Charlie Riedel's Cheeseburger/Fries and some Sticky Lips BBQ.

Pontillo's Pizza was soooo good!
I wasn't a big fan of Sticky Lips.  I'd prefer Dinosaur BBQ locally there in Rochester.  It was ok and the place is obviously a favorite with the locals as it was super busy, but the pulled pork I had wasn't anything special. 

As far as activities, I got to see several friends from high school/college at Carmine's 5th Birthday.  He is the son of my friend Mike/Colleen and it was held at Bernie's Bouncers Indoor Play Center.  Mike even convinced me to get in the bounce house and go down the big slide, but not without also trying to tip over the bounce house.
As far as family activities go, it was great to see everyone, especially baby Max!  He has grown quite a bit and it's so neat to see him developing.  He sits up on his own and is so talkative and so much more alert and aware than last time we saw him several months ago.  He is also such a happy and playful little boy, miss the little buddo!

Michelle and Max
Hanging with Max in the grass, happy boy!
Groucho kitty at my Gma's house
Levi hiding under my Gma's bed
Max hanging with my Gma
My Dad figuring out how to do Facetime on his iPad
Max playing with a new friend only 2 weeks different in age
Jen with Max in his little pouch thingy, can't remember what it's called  ;)
Nice grip there Max, Daddy's little beer holder!

I had to fly back before Michelle's baby shower, but I hear it went very well with lots of people, great food and lots of gifts for baby Hadley. 

All in all it was a fun / quick trip, with lots of things packed in and I was pretty worn out by the time I got home.  Luckily Tuesday was a work from home day to ease back into things and I'm glad it is a shortened week!

My sister Jen and Jen S will probably do up a blog post or two about the trip once they get back and settled in and I'll try to link to those posts here when they go live.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! 


Jen said...

So glad you got to see Max again. He loves his uncle Chris!!

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