Monday, September 10, 2012

iPhone 5 Pre-Order and Release Info

It's almost time!  According to most published reports online the Apple iPhone 5 information release will be this Wednesday, Sept 12th, after which you should be able to pre-order through your respective cell phone provider. 

In addition, the iPhone 5 is supposed to arrive in store Friday, Sept 21st. 

Fed-Ex sent an internal memo indicating they expect a large increase in volume of deliveries Sept 21st-24th, most likely related to the iPhone 5 shipping. 

Everything seems to be lining up as planned, now we just have to wait a little bit longer to see what the details are as far as exactly when you can click the button to pre-order if that's the way you're going to go, or perhaps you'll want to camp outside the store on release day.

Either way, the end of the wait is near!

Since I've never done a pre-order before, I'm not sure exactly how this will go. 

I expect this will be the biggest pre-order yet, since so many were expecting an iPhone 5 launch when the 4S came out.  There will be a lot of folks like us that have been waiting for the expected larger screen, 4G/LTE, integrated navigation, etc.  So we plan to pre-order whenever that option is available.

If I find out further specifics on exact timing, I will do a new post to keep everyone informed.

Have you pre-ordered an iPhone before?  Did it arrive on the day that it was released in stores?  Any problem getting it activated on arrival day due to the insane number of people activating on the same day?   Is it worth it to get the extended AppleCare warranty?  Drop me a comment and let me know.

Good luck to everyone!


Mock family said...

we pre-ordered the iphone 4.... we didn't really know about it until the day of so we really weren't prepared. We got online mid afternoon to pre-order online and the website (att) wasnt working, basically all systems down. So we kept trying and nothing. we finally went into our store (which was very crowded) and we put in our name and left (they called us when they were ready for us). Their system was also down do to the overload of people trying to access and they manually pre-ordered it to ship to us. Needless to say it did end up working and I got mine in the first shipment. For some reason James took a couple days later? I hope to do it online with no hassle and ship it to me.... we'll see

Chris said...

Great info thanks! I wasn't expecting that much of an issue, but at least now I'm prepared just in case. Good luck!

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