Monday, October 29, 2012

The Biggest Launch of 2012 - $598.80 Per Sale!

I received an email from the makers of Market Samurai about a new product launching today called "Profit Hacks".  It's been put together by Pete Williams, one of the big hitters in the Internet Marketing space. 

Profit Hacks is a whole series of brilliant business 'hacks' that anyone can use to triple their income while working 90% LESS than they do now.

It's kinda like the Four Hour Work Week - ON STEROIDS!

I signed up as an affiliate myself.  The ability to make $598.80 from one sale of the product is quite enticing.  The launch begins today and ends November 15th, so if you are interested I'd recommend checking it out and signing up now.  There is nothing for you to buy, you just promote the product and get a commission for any sales you make. 

Click here to see what I mean

Here are some further details from the email:

Here's WHY I think this launch is going to convert better than anything we've seen this year:

  • It's a great product (Pete has put in over 12 months of hard work to pull this together, and it shows. There's over 20 hours of content including audios, transcripts, mindmaps and over 100 videos)
  • Industry Buzz (Pete's partnered with Rich Schefren to bring Profit Hacks to market and virtually all the leading Internet marketers are already on-board)
  • Insane Conversion Rates (In Pete and Rich's in-house test launches, the product converted at OVER 50%)
  • MASSIVE Commissions (How does $598.80 commission per sale sound?)
Often these BIG launches are only open to a select group of high-end partners, but because we know Pete, we're able to pass on this VIP invitation to you to share in the profits.

What You Need To Do...
Just click the link below and sign up as a JV partner and you'll get the inside scoop on the launch including free swipe copy to mail to your list as well as access to some killer content.

Click here to become a VIP JV Partner

If you're looking for a high converting product to promote, that your followers will actually "thank you" for recommending, Profit Hacks is the way to go.

But you better hurry, because the launch kicks off TODAY - so you really need to get on board ASAP.  You can thank me later.  :o)

P.S. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and be part of the biggest IM launch this year - so make sure you sign up now so you don't miss out on your share of the profits.


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